Thursday, October 23, 2014

Relay for Life

Abby and I attended the Relay for Life and we bought a luminary in honor of Grandpa Richard. She decorated it and wrote notes to him. Then she picked a special location to place her luminary. She loved putting the can of vegetables inside along with the glow stick. We then stayed and enjoyed the activities, met up with friends, and walked laps around the track. We stayed until dark so that we could see the lights around the track. It was a special thing to focus on Grandpa Richard. We do not live very close to his grave and we are only able to visit it about once a year, so this was a nice opportunity to remember and honor him.

She wrote: "I mis yoo"
 On another Saturday, we all went to Lexington. We, of course, stopped at Benjamin's favorite place: the bookstore.
 We also stopped by a park and looked at some of the architecture in the area. We found these beautiful tulips and stopped for some pictures.

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Aww! She is the sweetest thing. Don't you love her creativity with the two headbands worn together? She dresses herself most days and has strong opinions about what she wants to wear.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Spring Fun

I started letting the girls practice basic sewing on my sewing machine. Abby was pretty scared of it and only wanted to make straight lines. Matti loved to move everything and change the settings every few stitches.  

I just love this picture. She is often found reading now a days.
 We joined our MOPS group for a playdate/fieldtrip to a local business. They took us down to their production area and let us mix up some lotion. They put in bubblegum scent. Blech. The children stirred vigorously and some of it got into Matti's eye. I flushed it out in the sink and then put eye drops in her eye. Never a dull moment.

This is the machine that fills the lotion bottles. I purchased sample bottles for the girls and then they got to hold them up to be filled with bubblegum scented lavender lotion.

Another day while we moms were having a fun conversation at the library, our dear children made a nice pathway with books all over the library. Embarrassing. They were so proud of it though. Books are made for walking on apparently. Yikes.

Ben's work offered a special event that taught about the Jewish Passover. We took the girls as part of their cultural education and they were well behaved during the dinner and the long reading of the passover dialogue. They loved the grape juice. They even tried the horseradish. The apple dessert had nuts in it, so we had to make sure that Matti didn't eat any of that. It was a very interesting dinner, although I was a little preoccupied trying to make sure that these little beauties weren't a distraction to others.
I gave them each a pencil at one point and they drew pictures of scripture stories in their booklets. Loved it.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

In Character

Benjamin tells his students about Abigail all of the time. They love to hear stories about her, especially the female students. They had all heard about her Thor costume and so Benjamin asked me to bring her dressed up so that he could show her off. 

The Mjolnir was a present that we ordered off of Amazon for her. It makes a loud lightning noise when it hits anything. We definitely spoil our daughter. She is so appreciative of it though. In this case, we told her that we wouldn't be buying anything big while we were on our trip in Chicago because we would later be buying her the mjolnir. Then she didn't ask for toys while we were walking through all the stores in Chicago. It worked out well and the hammer has gotten a lot of use. It's cute when people, especially adults, try to lift her hammer and pretend that it is too heavy for them. So cute.

Her Thor costume didn't cost me anything. I took one of her grey shirts and put it on backwards. I cut up a red shirt and attached it with safety pain for the cape. I then cut out foam circles and safety pinned them on to the shirt. She is wearing black leggings. That was it. Super easy and super cheap.

Handsome Ben at the annual math vs. politics cornhole tournament.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Easter Time

My MOPS friends. I'm in the front on the bottom with the yellow star glasses.

I just love when all the paints are out. I love all the bright colors. It is so much fun to see all the colors together. I am also very proud of the girls for their patience with Q-tip painting.

Sunday, October 19, 2014


One of Abigail's obsessions this spring was Thor. She was in love with Thor and his amazing super powers. As I mentioned in a previous post, we decided to throw a superhero party just for fun! I found so many fun and creative and inspiring and free ideas on the internet that everything was easy and simple. The girls did the planning and the inviting and I helped with whatever was needed. It really was unique to throw a party without all of the requirements and commitments of a birthday party. It was much less stressful and there were no expectations. The goal was for the kids to have fun, and they did.
Photo booths seem to be all the rage right now, so I drew this background on our chalkboard wall and then found some printables for the kids to hold.

I covered these thought bubbles in contact paper and then let the kids write on them with dry-erase markers.

Grandma Lora had sent Abby this photoshopped picture and she decided that she wanted to use it for a pin the hammer on THORINA game. So funny.

I thought the girls did a pretty good job cutting out these circles and taping on the toothpicks. Also, I used the cupcake corer that my MIL gave me for Christmas and then filled these with chocolate pudding. They were so good.

I have a suspension rod above this doorway to hang up weathering drapes during the winter. I attached the crepe paper to it with masking tape. It was definitely a favorite for the little ones. I already had all the supplies so it was cheap and easy.

Abby required that all the characters get up and tell who they were and what their superpower was. Her helmet was made from cardstock. I found the free printable here.

I also had crayons and coloring pages available for anyone who wanted to color. There were balloons in the playroom. It really was a relaxed party and was worth the time and effort that it took to pull it off. It was nice to have good weather. Sometimes it would be nice not to have winter birthdays. Sigh.