Friday, April 18, 2014

Birthday Party at the Dollhouse Museum

The box project as described on their website: The museum provides new 9” by 14” cardboard boxes, the perfect size for a miniature room. We spread out an all-you-care-to-use Materials Buffet with pieces of wood, foam, cotton, cardboard, upholstery fabric, wallpaper, wooden sticks and dowels, buttons, sequins, beads, miniature plastic cups and caps, ribbon, string, chain, artificial greenery, vines and flowers, and many other materials too numerous to name. The level of absorption in this activity is hard to describe. A silence falls on the room while busy hands glue materials into place; decisions are made, rooms are decorated and filled to overflowing. Two hours goes by in the snap of a finger!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Interview at Five Years

Favorite thing about Mommy:  That she cuddles with me a lot.
Favorite thing about Daddy:  That he gives me food a lot.
Favorite Book:  A book about Frozen. (Disney movie)
Color:  I have two favorite colors: those two are purple and green.
Song:  Rudolph the Red-nosed reindeer
Movie:  Frozen
Food:  Chicken nuggets.
Treat:  Cookies
Friends:  Sophie, Caylor, and Matti, Emmalynn, Noah, Ruth, too many
Ice-Cream: Rocky Road
Sport:  Soccer, eyes rolled as if this were an obvious one.
Toy: My Elsa doll that Caylor gave me for my birthday.
Place to go: The dollhouse museum

How much do you weigh?  I don’t know 50 hundred pounds. She’s into big numbers.
How tall are you? I can make an estimate…I think I’m like this high, she then used her arms to stretch tall.
IF you could be an animal, what would it be?  A skunk. I love skunks.
Tell me the funniest joke you know.  What do bats learn in school? What? The alphaBAT! Ha ha ha ha.
Would you rather be a princess or a fairy? Not those two, I would rather be Elsa or Chris in his creature power suit.
What do you hope to learn at school today? I want to learn what germs look like
DO you like girls or boys better?  GIRLS. I have more girlfriends than boy friends. They’re not the kind I’m going to get married to. No, not those kind.
What makes you sad?  When I think about my grandpa Richard and when he died.
How do babies get here? I do not know. Any guesses? No. You’re not going to try? You try.
What do you like to wear? Creature power suits, like skunks black and white, butterflies,
What do you want to be when you grow up? I’ll tell you. Seismologist, volcanologoist, paleontologist, a lot!
 How many kids do you want to have when you’re grown up? Fifteen hundred.
What do you like best about yourself? I’m a really cuddly one. Sick. That I’m cuddly when I’m sick.
What is your favorite thing to do? Play Frozen and freeze everything.
What does daddy do at work? Teach and stuff, just write, teach and stuff.
What does mommy do during the day?  Work. Teach preschool.
Who is your favorite person?  you, momma.
What is Heaven like? Everyone is good there and stuff and god lives there and stuff. Write ‘and stuff’ there too, okay?
Why do you think I asked you all these questions? To see how smart I am.

What are some exciting things that are going on in your life right now? Oh that’s a hard one. I have a loose tooth and my dad’s going to pull it out today. News to me about the extraction planned. J
I had my first canker sore and I DID NOT like it.
Do you think you’re on the nice list or the naughty list? Why? Nice list. Nice list. Cause I been really good. I been really helpful and cuddly. Very very very cuddly.

The Cake

When I was little, my mom made me the most awesome cakes. She had taken a class on cake decorating at one point and after that I, apparently, loved to challenge her skills. I ask for boom boxes, jungle scenes, etc. It seems fair, then, that my daughter (only five) would ask for a dollhouse cake for her dollhouse party. I found several ideas online and decided to try and make this one even though I didn't have the corresponding pan or tools (or skill). I was excited to try this project and had a lot of fun. 

I baked the cakes in bread loaf pans. I made lots of cake, some yellow, some chocolate. Then I carved them and stacked them and shaped them to look like this. I then covered it with a crumb coat and put in the freezer overnight.

Here is how it turned out. Not exactly like the picture, but not horrible either. I wanted to use candles to hook the candles together to make it look like a fence, but I never could figure out how to get them to stick to each other. I read online tutorials, tried wax, tried glue, tried hot glue, and ran out of time. It kind of looks like a fence, right?

I ran out of time or I would have decorated the back.

Yes, those are wafer cookies. However, they didn't stick well to themselves, so I had to go in and use frosting to keep the cookies themselves together.

Abigail was sick with a cold at her party, so we cut the cake first and then let her blow out the candles on her own piece. We hope to contain the germs a little bit that way.

The cake was tasty. Now I want cake.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

G is for Glitter because What Little Girl Doesn't Love Glitter?...These Two DO!

We, mostly I, made guitars using cardboard boxes, rubber bands, and brads. I found the idea here: . I loved that I could tighten the rubber bands to help "tune" the guitar. The girls liked decorating their guitars.

Poking out a gumball machine.

Goat in the grass with grapes. 

gloppy glue with gads and globs of glitter = happy girls and stressed out teacher.

The letters I have are all lower case, she wanted capitals.

These teach hand eye coordination, motor skills, patience, pattern following, and hard work. I am so proud of these two when they finish a difficult pattern like this one.

Eww. And we found a slug near the front door. G is for gross. However, I contained myself and allowed them fifteen minutes of gentle experimenting with this guy before we let it go free outside. Slimy, but fascinating.
We also did a science experiment on gravity based on this website. We have used several of their simple experiments in our preschool.