Thursday, February 12, 2009


I had a great time at the outlets with my good friend Rachel yesterday. I loved C.arter's and was tempted to buy the whole store. I broke down and bought a few outfits for Abigail (I haven't previously bought anything for her because of the generosity of my friends, family, and a few kind classmates). Keep watching for pictures in the new outfits. Rachel found a great deal on kids shoes at the G.AP, the shoes were $.97/each, and I couldn't help myself. I don't know exactly when Abigail will be wearing a 6, 7, or 8, but I will be prepared. :) I also bought a new pair of jeans and two sweaters for me and walked out of G.AP having only spent $18. Kim, are you so proud?


Jessica Sorensen said...

do they have any of those shoes left?

Tawnya said...

That really is amazing!! You are quite the deal catcher!

Sarah K. said...

love the shoes, especially the red ones, and amazing prices! I need a lesson in finding great deals from you.

Kimbooly said...

Of course I am! I was already dying at your great deals before I saw you reference me at the bottom. The shoes are darling.

And guess what, I did the same thing. When I ran across cute stuff, even if I had to pack it away for 2 years, I grabbed it if the price was right!

And Abigail is beautiful in the post above this one, and I love your witty commentary about her learned grumpiness.

And the top post is awesome, you go girl with your fondant!