Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Ben

I love you and I think you're great!


L.Maughan said...

Happy Birthday Ben! I just saw your comment on my blog....I know. I already saw that your wife made the SAME cake and actually made it look GOOD. (Thanks for rubbing it in) :)
I bet she made you a nice cake for your birthday too. Just so you know...I post my cooking flop episodes so that husbands like you give their wives big hugs and tell them, "I love you. Thanks for being a good cake maker. I could have married someone who makes cakes that look like moley fondant hearts, but instead I married you. And for that I am truly glad."

PS My husband loves me DESPITE my cooking skills. How Deep is that! :)

Tawnya said...

Happy Birthday Ben! Hope it was a great day!