Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Four month stats

The results are in! Abigail is. . .


13.6 pounds (50% percentile)
24 inches long (50% percentile)
Head circumference (50% percentile)

She was great for the doctor and showed off all her developmental skills. When they gave her the shots her face went super red and she held her breath for what seemed like two minutes before screaming . Poor baby. These pictures are of her on her four month birthday. She didn't want to sit up and kept trying to fall forward.

Things we love about her:

She laughs and smiles a lot, especially when daddy plays with her.
She slobbers all over everything and is constantly bringing things to her mouth.
She has switched toys from one hand to the other, although she's probably not conscious of it.
She has rolled from front to back once and from back to front three times.
She does well on tummy time and holds her head high.
She will only sleep if is she is tightly swaddled and plugged in with the passy.
She loves going on walks in the stroller and babbles to herself as we walk.
She'll sit up in the Bumbo for more than five minutes without complaining.
She is signicantly better at holding toys in her hands and not dropping them.
She has opinions about what she wants and will let you know if she is unhappy.
She still sleeps through the night, usually from about 7:30pm to 6:00am. I wake her up around 10:00pm and feed her in her sleep to help her make it through the night.
She loves being sung to.
She enjoys when older kids play with her and loves to observe them play.
She is starting to like stuffed animals. She prefers the pink bunny and the pink platypus and will grin when she sees them.
She doesn't like to sit, but prefers to be held in a standing position.
She enjoys swings and even will stay in the playground swings without complaint.
She can now stand in the exersaucer although she isn't quite ready to play with the toys.
She held hands with her first boy on Sunday. They are only a month apart in age and they enjoyed looking at each other and grabbing for each others hands. Does it really start this early? Aaaah!
She doesn't spit up much and is normally pretty content.
She still cuddles when she is tired.
She smiles when we come to take her out of the crib and when we hold her in our arms.

We love her because she is our daughter!


Kimbooly said...

Thank you for the stats! Just after I asked for them.

I knew I was your favorite.

Shelly said...


My twins are holding hands too. Isn't it cute?

She's about Brooklyn's size. You guys need to come visit so we can get them together!

thepurplecow said...

She is a wonderfully brilliant and beautiful child!!!