Friday, April 17, 2009

"Limiting Sugary Drinks Boosts Weight Loss"

Thought you all might be interested:

Apparently, eliminating calories from your diet that come from sodas gives you the most "bang for your caloric-elimination buck" in weight-loss efforts.

And yes, I call them "sodas":


Kimbooly said...

I call them sodas as well.

We also call sodas "liquid candy," one of the worst ways to ingest sugar. So I usually get water now.

I remember Aunt Christine telling me a couple years ago that she decided, if she was going to be "fat," she was only going to do it eating sweets that she liked. I've thought about that a lot, and it's helped my sugar intake slow WAAAAY down because I look at things and think, you know, I don't even like sweetarts. Why eat them just because they're there?

I also look at forms of sugar. Would I rather eat marshmallows or a caremello fruit & nut candybar?

And I prefer Riesen chocolates or cherry nibs over soda. : )

Rachel Kerr said...

Yay Katie! Soda's is correct in my world, too.
I can agree...when I was super sick tthis fall, I couldn't drink soda at all. I attribute a lot of my weight loss to that. Good thing I started drinking again though. Sad.

Jenny said...

Fascinating, Benjamin. However, it is time the blog was updated with more photos of Abigail. It's been almost a week! Finals, work, teaching, you're busy, whatever. I need a fix.