Monday, April 13, 2009

Personal ancestry and the 2008 vote

Here's something interesting that I came across recently. This is a map from the 2000 Census that shows the majority ancestry that people claim in each U.S. county:

The light blue is "German," light purple is "England," pink is "Mexican," dark purple is "African," orange is "Native American," dark blue is "Italy," etc. The interesting one is the light yellow - they're the ones who eschew any ethnicity or country of origin ancestry and simply say that they're "American."

Now compare that to this map from the 2008 county-by-county presidential election results map:

This isn't just McCain-Obama. The blue is how much better Obama did than Kerry in 2004, and red is how much better McCain did than Bush in 2004. So the darker blue, the more Democratic those counties got, even if they still voted for McCain over all. Same for the red counties.

Notice a pattern?

But lest we think it's just a Democrat vs. Republican thing, check out this map:

This is the 2008 primary Clinton vs. Obama map. It's that same area that was either vehemently anti-Obama or extremely pro-Clinton. Hard to tell.

So basically, I don't quite know why, but it sure seems like those who call themselves "American" and renounce any foreign ancestry seem to be the same who really, really don't like President Obama. They also tend to be concentrated in eastern Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, northern Mississippi, and south-east Kentucky.

Any thoughts as how to interpret all this?


Kimbooly said...

Man, my brain hurts. I gotta look closer at this and figure it out. Interesting, though!

Jenny said...

Racist, redneck fools. Cool maps.

Kristy Lynne said...

Obama stinks.

Kimbooly said...

Ok, I finally looked closer at this. Quite interesting. I also found it quite interesting, though, that all of Utah is portrayed democratic, when much of Utah tends toward republican.

Benjamin said...

The fact that Utah is "portrayed" Democratic means that more people voted Democratic in Utah in 2008 than 2004, even though overall it still voted Republican. That's what the second map is showing. Just the difference between 2004-2008.

Kimbooly said...

Ok, ok, I think I get it better now.

So those that voted democratic, it's showing how much more democratic they voted for Kerry vs. Obama. Got it. : )