Friday, May 29, 2009

Abby's First Road Trip

We love to travel and visit new places, as well as visit friends and family. Since Abigail is approaching her six month mark we decided to let her in on the action. We left the Monday after finals week at the university and headed south to St. Louis, MI. We stopped in Hannibal and learned all about Mark Twain and the town that loves him. Did you know that 'mark twain' is a phrase that he learned during his steamboat days? It means two fathoms which was the depth necessary for a steamboat to safely proceed full speed ahead. Abigail wasn't too impressed with the museums and preferred sitting out in the grass. I posted a video of her playing in the Hannibal grass with a water bottle a couple days ago, you should watch it. If you already have, then watch it again. I've watched it several times just today.

We then spent the week in St. Louis visiting with some good friends. They have two beautiful daughters, one who is only a week younger than Abigail. I loved seeing how similar they are in the way that they acted. We played games, talked, and enjoyed staying there. They were the perfect hosts and took good care of us. They even put up with the fact the Abigail got sick, followed by me, and then by Ben.

We saw the Zoo (FREE-who's ever heard of a free zoo?), the Botanical gardens (free for residents and their guests on Wednesday mornings), a sculpture park, the Ulysses S. Grant Historical Site (also free, imagine that), the Gateway Arch (free because we didn't ride up to the top), and the Capital building. Ben also visited the History museum and the Science museum while I was sick resting. He even took Abigail for the afternoon.

We tried some of the Missouri fare including Imo's pizza, Blueberry Hill burgers, and toasted ravioli (breaded ravioli fried). Yum!

On Friday we headed off towards my cousin's house in Champaign, IL. We made sure to stop in the dinky little town that the map noted contained the largest ketchup bottle (really just a water tower painted to look like a ketchup bottle). Ben was super excited to see it even though it was difficult to find, unadvertised, and seemingly overlooked and under appreciated by the community as a whole.

The map also indicated that we could visit the "Lincoln cabins." We arrived there at 4:45 p.m. after driving off the beaten path for twenty minutes only to find out that they close down at 5:00 p.m. Even more disappointing was the realization that these cabins belonged to Abraham Lincoln's father and that the famous president never resided within those walls. However, what we were able to see in the five minutes left after the tour guide told us all the details about his grandchildren and their lives was really cool. Maybe we'll go back someday when we have more time.

Congrats to you, reader, if you have made it this far. I hope that you find it interesting. If not, that is okay as well. I am a horrible journal writer, but I love blogging. So this will have to count as my journal for this trip. Keep reading, there's more. :) I promise that pictures are coming.

We arrived at Shelly's in the afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed a relaxing weekend meeting her new babies and reacquainting ourselves with her beautiful girls. We also were privileged to have another cousin, Janene, make the trip down to visit us as well. We enjoyed watching movies, trying out WiiFit, jumping on the trampoline, playing "Pass"and "Farkle," reading books, eating yummy food prepared by various chefs, holding and feeding babies, talking, and just relaxing.
Abigail was a great traveler most of the time and Ben even braved feeding her rice cereal in the car. Good job Ben. On the whole, despite the runny noses, the fatigue, and the coughs, we had an enjoyable trip. We'll have to do it again soon. Maybe we'll drive to Utah.

In this photo, I am holding Brooklyn and Janene is holding Bradford.

Here are the three babies all trying to eat their toes.

Abs loved to eat dad's hair and was smiling like crazy.

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nathan n rachel said...

I'm glad you had a good time. We loved St. Louis. We loved the zoo and the arch. We wanted to go to the top so we paid money.