Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Daily Struggle

So I happened to watch O.prah yesterday and the episode was all about weight loss and the fact that it is a constant struggle. They showed many of the Biggest Loser contestants and talked about their fight to maintain healthy weights. I loved the point that they made that being healthy requires a conscious daily choice. I have found this to be true. For the past eight weeks I have been trying to make healthier choices and I feel like I have been successful. For incentive, I joined a weight loss competition with some friends and their family members. For motivation, I committed to specific weight loss goals. For a challenge, I decided to forgo cakes, cookies, sweets, etc. during the entire eight weeks. For my health, I decided to exercise at least five times a week and to vary between aerobic and strength training activities. For Abigail, I kept track of the food I ate using Weight Watchers points to make sure that I was eating enough. It is amazing how much you get to eat while you are nursing.
The competition ended on Wednesday and I feel very satisfied. I exceeded my weight loss goals, managed to avoid treats (except for a few rare and bite size exceptions), and exercised regularly. I feel enthused and great! It is amazing what your body will do for you if you take good care of it. To top it off, I won the competition and ended up becoming the biggest loser. I didn't join the competition to win, but I am proud of myself for my hard work and dedication.
Thanks to Benjamin for supporting me and always encouraging me to exercise. Thanks for not eating sweets in front of me too often.
Thanks to friends and family who provided healthy options while we visited and who weren't offended when I turned down sweets.
Thanks to Jessica for walking with me all over Iowa City.
Thanks to Abigail for loving me no matter what I do and for enjoying long stroller rides.
Thanks to Tawnya for her example and her encouragement.
Thanks to all of you who noticed that I have been losing weight without me telling you.
I'm usually pretty private about weight loss, I can't believe I am even posting this, so no full body shots. The following pictures are what you get. :)


Jenny said...

Congratulations! Katie, you look great. It's definitely a noticeable change. I admire your determination not to eat desserts and candy. Well done, Katie. You'll have to post some of the healthy recipes you've been using.

paolaturru said...

Hola katie muchas felicidades , te ves muy bien, fijate que las hnas de la capilla tambien estamos haciendo algo asi, nos juntamos todos los sabados a hacer ejercicio acabamos de comenzar hace dos semanas pero ahi vamos. Los extra├▒amos mucho por aca ojala pronto puedan venir otra vez. Abigail se ve grandsima y muy bonita, saludame al Ben. Te mando un abrazo grande espero que esten bien, me da gusto verlos tan felices, muchas felicidades otra vez. Paola T.

joyous said...

Go Katie!!! I too have been changing my eating habits. I had some hard habits to break. But the progress I'm seeing makes it SO worth it. For example, tonight I was totally satisfied with one scoop of ice cream, instead of a large bowl. I'm telling you, I've come a loooong way.

BTW, you look great and Abigail is going to thank you in 40 years when you are still healthy and beautiful!!!

Shelly said...

Thank you for all the yummy candy you passed on.

Congrats on winning!!! I'm so amazed that you stayed off sweets-wow.

Tawnya said...

Congratulations Katie! You are the inspiration to me!! I am so impressed by you! It is so empowering to realize you can lose weight and to take control of your body! Good job girl!

Rachel Kerr said...

AHH! Girl, you know you look good! now lets go shopping! Wait, hold that thought for another 6 months until I have this super giant boy, and lose weight myself. THEN lets go shopping!