Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It finally happened!

Just thought I'd let everyone in on the good news. We received our car insurance renewal in the mail the other day and I finally have a perfectly spotless driving record, according to both the state of Iowa and State Farm insurance. I haven't had a clean driving record since I first got my driver's license. My first speeding ticket came within the first few months of having my license, and there were several other speeding tickets and accidents that followed, about once a year or so. Now in 2009 it's been three long years since the last blemish on the record and thus all the tickets and accidents are no longer factored into my car insurance rates. It's great. I've been restored to good standing at long last. Finally being 26 helps a lot with the insurance rates, too.


thepurplecow said...

That is good news! Don't dwell on how much money you could have saved by driving carefully in the first place. If you had invested it or even just put in a savings account...compound interest... Just think of how much you aren't giving away NOW.

Rachel Kerr said...

when Derek drove to chinese with you the other night he later commented to me, "I've never driven with Ben before. It was interesting." I had previously heard about your tickets and accidents so I am happy you are now "clean" and I hope this will reassure him.