Monday, May 11, 2009

The Sun

I love spring! I love the beautiful weather, the green trees and grass. The beautiful buds and the associated smells. I especially love the sun. It somehow is able to lift my spirits and bring joy to my life. The long dreary winter is over and the sun is shining. The sun provides life to all on this planet and death would result without it. The flowers and plants grow towards the sun, eager to soak up its rays.

Yet sometimes the clouds return, harrumph, and they block the sun's rays. On these dreary days I find myself feeling sadder and my energy level drops. The sun gives me strength and energy. I seem to have a seasonal disorder of some sort.

As I was pondering on this phenomenon this week, I was reminded of Jesus Christ. He is the source of light and truth. He brings happiness to our lives and lights our minds with peace and joy. He is the creator of the beautiful Earth as well as its Savior. Sometimes I let distractions and sin block His rays and it is during those times that I feel gloomy and sad. I am so grateful for prayer, scripture study, and obedience which all help me to break up the "clouds" and to let the light of Christ shine more fully into my life. He is not only 'the Son,' he is also 'the sun' that gives light to our lives.


Tawnya said...

what beautiful girls, and thanks for the sweet post!

Stephanie said...

What a nice post, thanks! And Warren came up as I was reading it and said "want to go to Miss Katie's house". He remembers you! How cool.

joyous said...

I love, love, love the picture of you and Abby! Too often, Mom is behind the camera. You both are so sweet!