Friday, June 5, 2009

Fun with Wordle

I thought you all might enjoy a few random Wordles. They're graphical representations of blocks of text with larger words corresponding to higher frequencies of appearance. You can make your own here: Enjoy!

The entirety of the Book of Mormon: President Obama's Inaugural Address:
John Locke's Second Treatise on Government:

Federalist Papers #1 (Hamilton), #10 (Madison), #51 (Madison):
The entire draft text of my dissertation so far:


thepurplecow said...

Isn't wordle way cool? I've done a few. I made one without the internet site for grandma with all her grandkids' names. It never occurred to me to put a whole book on there.

Kimbooly said...

Am I right *on* at all, that the two words that jumped out at me the most of your dissertation wordle are "public" and "preference"? You study a lot what goes into public preference, right?