Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm so proud.

My baby is growing up. She's six months old today and is as cute as ever. Her hair is barely long enough to put up in ponytails. This is a very fun age and we are really enjoying it.

My husband is FAMOUS. I am so proud of him for not only have several single authored publications as a grad student, but also for receiving so much media attention for these publications.

Just in case you’re all interested, there were some articles about one of his papers in the news today:




And he was on the radio in Delaware this morning, too. He sounds so knowledgable and impressive. Wow!


Tawnya said...

Cool that he's famous!

Those pig tails are sooooo cute!

nathan n rachel said...

I love pigtails!

Lisa said...

wow, you are supermom! I think I need to get some of that of what ever you are taking,(just kidding) you look great in your pics, and and Abigail is way cute in her pics!

joyous said...

Oh my goodness, she IS growing up fast!! She looks like such a big girl with her matching little sprouts. :)

Cheeler said...

Very cute (Abigail) and impressive (Abigail & Ben!)

Nana (Lonna)and Grandpa (Max) said...

She IS cute! Especially the little "horns". Two more months and I get to kiss her in person.

We loved Ben on the radio. He sounds so knowledgeable and articulate. We're very proud of our Famous yerno!!!

Ricky-Sam-Caleb said...


Abs is so cute and way to go Ben. We miss you guys and I love looking at your blog :)

Mary Ann said...

That is so cool!
And Abigail looks adorable. :)

Stephanie said...