Monday, June 8, 2009

Life is Sublime

She's tried rice cereal, oatmeal, carrots, peas, squash. . .and her least favorite thus far: PRUNES.
Here she is at the temple. Did we mention that she loves to sit in the grass.
Here she is at the stake handcart activity. I made her a bonnet. She wore it for a second.
Here is dad spending a lazy summer afternoon (after a hard day's work) playing out in the yard with his little girl. And here's a quick family picture using the timer on the camera. What an idyllic afternoon. I spent most of the time in the hammock while they played out in the grass.


Shelly said...

Ewww, prunes. I haven't tortured my kids that way yet.

Tawnya said...

Oh that looks fun! Crazy that she loves grass!

Nana (Lonna)and Grandpa (Max) said...

Oh, I love your back yard! I wish I could be there right now, playing with my Abby-gal. By the way, I have always wanted to ask:

Why did you pick the opening blog picture with Abigail's two fingers in her nose?? :}

Sarah K said...

Oh I wish I saw this before today. I would have asked how you made the cute bonnet. Lucy had a Primary activity (Pioneer Day) this morning. She was sad that she didn't have anything Pioneer-ish to wear.