Thursday, July 9, 2009

For her Seventh Month Birthday. . .

The grandmas and grandpas sent hugs and kisses.
Aunt Jenny sent new clothes.
The mailman brought junk mail.
The newscasters forgot to mention this momentous occasion.

Mom took her to the doctor to confirm that she has an ear infection, she does. Mom gave her Tylenol. Mom also cuddled and entertained her (cranky baby) all day.

Dad played with her all morning and took some cute pictures.
Here she is with her first real bedhead. Yes she is eating her shoe, she loves to eat shoes. She rarely wears them on her feet. When she does, she still manages to get them into her mouth.

But Uncle Mike and Aunt Stacy win the prize. For Abigail's seventh month birthday they gave her a. . .

COUSIN !!!!!

We couldn't be more excited about the arrival of this little girl and we hope that she is doing well after making her debut five weeks early. Why couldn't Abigail have been so anxious to be born? Do you recall how difficult it was for Benjamin and I to choose a name?, imagine having five less weeks to do it. So now you know why the child is currently nameless. Maybe they should let Denali choose. LOL!


denali said...

hey, they are still thinking about the name. we think it should be Isabelle. but right now we call her monkey!
her middle name is lilly.

she is so cute! but they changed the rules and
only 14 or older can enter the department.
also they have a list of 4 people to see the baby.
and since i'm a little sick, i had to wear a mask.

thepurplecow said...

Denali would just name her Sassafras....

nathan n rachel said...

I can't believe that they forgot to announce Abigails 7 month birthday on the news. That is unacceptable....:)