Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our little doll

I love dressing up my "doll."

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Legitimate point...

Yesterday I told Abigail that since I was able to learn to speak Spanish in four months that there's no reason that she shouldn't have been able to learn to speak English by now.

For some reason she didn't find my argument persuasive.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

For Aunt Jenny!

Jenny, thanks for asking for pictures. Here are some of the most recent.

Friday, April 17, 2009

"Limiting Sugary Drinks Boosts Weight Loss"

Thought you all might be interested:

Apparently, eliminating calories from your diet that come from sodas gives you the most "bang for your caloric-elimination buck" in weight-loss efforts.

And yes, I call them "sodas":

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Four month stats

The results are in! Abigail is. . .


13.6 pounds (50% percentile)
24 inches long (50% percentile)
Head circumference (50% percentile)

She was great for the doctor and showed off all her developmental skills. When they gave her the shots her face went super red and she held her breath for what seemed like two minutes before screaming . Poor baby. These pictures are of her on her four month birthday. She didn't want to sit up and kept trying to fall forward.

Things we love about her:

She laughs and smiles a lot, especially when daddy plays with her.
She slobbers all over everything and is constantly bringing things to her mouth.
She has switched toys from one hand to the other, although she's probably not conscious of it.
She has rolled from front to back once and from back to front three times.
She does well on tummy time and holds her head high.
She will only sleep if is she is tightly swaddled and plugged in with the passy.
She loves going on walks in the stroller and babbles to herself as we walk.
She'll sit up in the Bumbo for more than five minutes without complaining.
She is signicantly better at holding toys in her hands and not dropping them.
She has opinions about what she wants and will let you know if she is unhappy.
She still sleeps through the night, usually from about 7:30pm to 6:00am. I wake her up around 10:00pm and feed her in her sleep to help her make it through the night.
She loves being sung to.
She enjoys when older kids play with her and loves to observe them play.
She is starting to like stuffed animals. She prefers the pink bunny and the pink platypus and will grin when she sees them.
She doesn't like to sit, but prefers to be held in a standing position.
She enjoys swings and even will stay in the playground swings without complaint.
She can now stand in the exersaucer although she isn't quite ready to play with the toys.
She held hands with her first boy on Sunday. They are only a month apart in age and they enjoyed looking at each other and grabbing for each others hands. Does it really start this early? Aaaah!
She doesn't spit up much and is normally pretty content.
She still cuddles when she is tired.
She smiles when we come to take her out of the crib and when we hold her in our arms.

We love her because she is our daughter!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Here is the sixth picture from the sixth folder in my pictures. April 2009 just happened to be the sixth folder, so it's fairly recent. (Notice the similar pictures in the blog header). We took these in Chicago while hanging out at the hotel. I tag anyone who wants to join in on the fun! So post your pictures.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Personal ancestry and the 2008 vote

Here's something interesting that I came across recently. This is a map from the 2000 Census that shows the majority ancestry that people claim in each U.S. county:

The light blue is "German," light purple is "England," pink is "Mexican," dark purple is "African," orange is "Native American," dark blue is "Italy," etc. The interesting one is the light yellow - they're the ones who eschew any ethnicity or country of origin ancestry and simply say that they're "American."

Now compare that to this map from the 2008 county-by-county presidential election results map:

This isn't just McCain-Obama. The blue is how much better Obama did than Kerry in 2004, and red is how much better McCain did than Bush in 2004. So the darker blue, the more Democratic those counties got, even if they still voted for McCain over all. Same for the red counties.

Notice a pattern?

But lest we think it's just a Democrat vs. Republican thing, check out this map:

This is the 2008 primary Clinton vs. Obama map. It's that same area that was either vehemently anti-Obama or extremely pro-Clinton. Hard to tell.

So basically, I don't quite know why, but it sure seems like those who call themselves "American" and renounce any foreign ancestry seem to be the same who really, really don't like President Obama. They also tend to be concentrated in eastern Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, northern Mississippi, and south-east Kentucky.

Any thoughts as how to interpret all this?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

This One's for the Grandmas (and Jenny)

Happy Easter everyone! Here she is on Easter Saturday with her basket and gifts. Enjoy!

Sunday, April 5, 2009


What a fun city! Abs and I enjoyed hanging out in Chicago while dad was busy attending a conference for the Midwest Political Science Association. It was cold in the windy city, but we managed. I also ran into several professors that I knew when I worked as a secretary for the Poli Sci department at BYU.

In addition, we played a rousing game of Settlers of Catan with friends, walked 40 blocks in the rain, visited the chocolate shop Fannie May, and made our yearly trip to Old Navy.

The best part about Chicago was the food. We enjoyed Cajun food, the Cheesecake Factory, Thai food, and Chicago Pizza. Below is a pic of Abigail with dad at the pizza restaurant. She actually stayed in the highchair for about half an hour. Way to go!

We loved seeing "The Bean" again.

On Saturday we walked and walked and walked along lake Michigan. The weather was beautiful although in the 40s. We also visited Navy Pier for the first time. Abigail probably would have enjoyed it more if she hadn't been bundled up in so many layers, she couldn't see much.

We invited y'all to come and y'all missed out. (Don't tell Benjamin that I used y'all twice in a sentence.)

Thanks to Kassie for letting us borrow the awesome stroller. Abs likes it so much better than the carseat. Speaking of the carseat, the two four hour drives with said baby strapped into the carseat were interesting, but we survived.