Sunday, February 28, 2010

How do I do it?

I have been asked by several people about how I am able to juggle so many different things right now. With Abigail, Ben, grad school, church, quiet books, etc., I really am busy and I do feel overwhelemed at times. I am grateful for the support that I have received from my Heavenly Father, from my family, from friends, from colleagues, from strangers, and from Abby's caregivers.

However, today I am most grateful for Benjamin. He is the reason that I am still sane and that I might graduate this May with my Master's degree. How do I do it? I don't, Benjamin does. He has taken on so many roles during these past few years and it is because of his willingness to serve me that I have survived thus far. I started typing up a list of just some of the roles that he has taken on and this is what I came up with:

Yay for Benjamin!


Thanks for taking such good care of me, I LOVE YOU!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Girly Girl

She likes accessorizing:



Posing for the camera. I get her to do this by asking her to show me her teeth.

She likes to have her hair done:

Hair Bows: At her request we transferred everything on here. . .

to here.

Lipstick (Okay, it's chapstick, but she LOVES it)

Chic Sunglasses

Watch out boys, here she comes.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Play Dough

I made play dough for Sarah's shower and I was surprised by how easy it was. This is an awesome recipe. The dough is soft and not crumbly. I found the recipe online somewhere but didn't write it down. Sorry. I know that I should cite where I found it, but I found it on so many sites that I didn't feel it was a copyrighted recipe.

Make Your Own Play-Dough
Play Dough Recipe

I used to make a batch of this play-dough once a month in the classroom. Changing the colors for the season. Although 20 little hands stayed busy shaping and molding, the play dough never dried out!

You'll need:
Flour 3cups
Salt 1 1/2 cups
Water 3 cups
Vegetable Oil 2TB.
Cream of tartar 1TB.

Food coloring few drops or unsweetened "Kool-Aid" 1pkg.
Mix ALL of the ingredients in a large saucepan.
Cook over medium low heat, until the dough comes away
from the edges of the pan and it becomes difficult to move the spoon. Maybe three to five minutes. Remove from heat. Cool until it can be handled.
Place on counter or wax paper knead 3-4 times.
Store in an air tight container.

Ben calls this her hippie outfit.

Smile for the camera

She loves to go outside and points to the door and signs please all the time. She loves the cold and could care less if it is below freezing.

Thanks to Grandma and Denali for the awesome package. Abigail likes the shoes. I was happy about the big bag of skittles and Ben was a little sad that there was nothing in there for him. Poor Ben. Anyway, thanks for thinking of us. We love you.

Here she is walking up to the side door of the Nauvoo temple.

P.S. I have ten small bags of play dough left over if anyone wants to come get some. :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Bread Sticks

I found this recipe yesterday in our Iowa City Ward cookbook and it is amazing. I HIGHLY recommend. Yum!

Bread Sticks
By: Heidi Hallam

1 Tb. Yeast
2 Tb. Sugar
1 ½ c. warm water
1 ½ tsp. salt
½ Tb. Italian Seasoning
½ Tb. Garlic powder
3 to 4 c. flour
1 stick margarine ( ½ c.)
Garlic Salt
Sesame seeds (I used toasted wheat germ)
Grated Parmesan Cheese (I used mozzarella)

Dissolve 1 tablespoon yeast and 2 tablespoons sugar in 1 ½ cups warm water for 5 minutes. Add salt, Italian seasoning, garlic powder, and 3 cups flour. (Pour the last cup of flour on counter and add in, as needed, while kneading). Knead for 3 minutes, then let it rest 10 minutes. Roll dough out to ¼ to ½ inch thick. Using a pizza cutter, cut into sticks about 1 inch wide.

Melt the stick of margarine and pour into cookie sheet or baking pan. Put bread sticks in baking dish and turn over to coat with margarine on both sides. Sprinkle with a little garlic salt, sesame seeds, and grated Parmesan cheese.

Let rise 30 minutes or until double. Bake at 375° for 12 to 18 minutes, depending on how thick your breadsticks are.
Here is a video of Abigail singing parts of the Old Mcdonald Song. I apologize in advance for my singing.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

More pictures and movies



We watch Cannon Ward once in a while. Here's Katie trying to keep both him and Abby happy at the same time:

Here's Abby "eating" with a spoon:


Yesterday was the Valentine's activity at Church and I volunteered Katie and myself to participate in the "Newlyweds Game." The host asks you questions about the other person. You both answer and if your answers match you score a point.

Anyways, Katie and I did great. She correctly identified my favorite dessert. I correctly indicated the length of time it took us to get engaged. We even perfectly matched each other on the question of "How many pairs of shoes does Katie own?" We both answered 25. (Talking about it afterwards, we both used the same thought-process to arrive at that figure!)

We were well on our way to the championship round. Then the question came to me "in what month is your mother-in-law's birthday." They had me stumped there. (My apologies to any mother-in-laws out there reading this!!!) I knew it was either in April or May. I also knew that Katie's sister has a birthday in April, so I figured it was probably May, and gave that as my answer. Wrong! That cost us a point, and with it, our chances to advance to the championship round.

Not that we're overly competitive individuals, but Katie teased me about getting that question wrong later that evening as we were leaving the activity. So I asked her what MY mother's birthday was. I had her stumped! She took a guess: "October 14th?" Darn! A perfect guess.

I wasn't about to let her get the best of me. So I whipped out some important dates of my own. Question number 1 to Katie: "On what date did lightning strike the Clock Tower in Hill Valley, California?" (We had recently viewed the Back to the Future trilogy and thus this was an easy answer: November 12, 1955.) Ha! I had her there. Question number 2: "On what date does First Contact between the Vulcans and humans occcur?" As I suspected, she was at a loss, even though I was nice and said she could just give me the year. (April 5, 2063. Bonus: it took place near Bozeman, Montana.) The final c'oup de gras: "When is Captain Kirk's birthday?" She should know this one, we've only visited the location at least a dozen times since moving to Iowa. (March 22, 2233.)

I'll let our audience be the judge of which set of dates are more important, and which one of us is truly more well-informed...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Games We Play

So fun. We had a busy day of playing today. It was hard to keep the house clean. I felt like I was just following her around and picking up. Who knew that a one year old was so exhausting. On a sad note, she stood up in her highchair today and proceeded to step up and fall off before I could get there to catch her. She has a goose egg on her forehead and she was pretty traumatized, as were Ben and I. Parenting is hard. . . but the bear hugs, the slobbery kisses, and the innocent trusting eyes make it all worthwhile.

She loves this game.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

House for Sale

We met with our realtor, Bill Wittig, today and our house is officially for sale.

This has been a great home to live in. We have really loved it and we are sad to have to leave. Let's hope that it sells quickly. Attached are some photos of the house. It is a three bedroom home with 2.5 bathroms. It is located on a bus route 10 minutes from the school and within minutes of a walking trail, a pool, and three different parks. Feel free to look at the pictures that I uploaded in the following Picasa web album. Just click on the link.

The trick will be keeping it clean while Miss Destructo and her gorilla are on the prowl.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Creative and Helpful

Helping dad with the cookies.

Helping with the dishes. . .err, washing the books.

Playing the piano.
Playing with her feet.
Cooking with dad. Abigail quickly learned that she dislikes almond extract. I tried to tell her.

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