Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Centre Fans

Daddy tries to attend all the college basketball games and he really enjoys them. Bee and I recently made it to one. Good job Centre!

These crazies ran practically naked from their dorms in the frigid weather (they painted shirts on). We ran into them as we were arriving and they were cold. Their fronts spelled something like CENTRE RULES.

Someone had dozens of chocolate brownies there and they shared with Bee.

Here we are decked out in our gear.

Although she enjoyed the game, her favorite part was playing on the bleachers after the game was over.

Monday, January 24, 2011

More Pictures from Utah Trip

 The cousins playing out in the snow. No more pristine front yard for Nana.
 Awesome friends came for a visit.
 Playing with the Ariel stickers on the airplane.
 She fell asleep on the plane holding my hand. It was so sweet. I awkwardly reached for my camera down on the bag in the floor trying not to move my right hand at the same time. Somehow she managed to stay asleep for the photo and for the entire flight.
 Oh beautiful mountains, how I miss thee.
 So grown up. We walked up and down and up and down ad nauseum (literally) the Jetsonesque walkways.
I even treated her to french fries at a yummy bistro in the Denver airport. I think it was 10 a.m.
I'll never know if the flight home would have gone well because...I missed it. I showed up at the airport at 6:30 a.m. (I had gotten up super early, erg) expecting a 7:50 a.m. flight. However, the flight had changed to 7:00 a.m. and I had missed it somehow. So close, but no dice. They booked me on the same flight for the next day. I got to spend an extra day (super nice and free) with my family. My dad graciously took me back to the airport for a second time. This time I was up by 3:00 a.m. The flights went well and I enjoyed precious time with my sweet little girl. She tried sharing her teddy grahams with the passenger sitting next to her. The poor lady never complained even though she got lots of accidental kicks. Bee was expecting the lady to fawn over her like everyone else had done, but no dice. She kept busy reading her kindle and her magazines. She was friendly, but distant.

We were so glad when daddy came to pick us up at the airport. I actually rented one of those push carts at the airport and it was a lifesaver!! We enjoyed a yummy dinner together before heading back into the car for the last leg of the journey.

Home at last. Somehow I managed to unpack and get my life back in order relatively quickly. My to-do list was long, but manageable. Vacation's over.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Too Much Ariel?

How do know when too much is too much?

I don't specifically remember pushing Bee into watching The Little Mermaid. I don't even remember how she came to like it. But now it is her favorite. She sleeps on her Ariel bed for naps and bedtime. She floats in the bathtub and pretends to be Ariel, Flounder, & Ursula. Bath time is usually accompanied by her sweet voice trying to sing like Ariel. She asks us to tell us the Ariel story before nap time and bedtime. As soon as we finish, she asks for it again. She also talks about Ursula and Eric all of the time. Eric is 'guapo' and Ursula 'es muy mala.' (bad)

The most thoughtful gift we've ever received (I'm sure this is an exaggeration and in no way am I trying to say we haven't received thoughtful gifts from the many wonderful people in our lives, including my amazing mother who always give wonderful gifts) was a Little Mermaid magnet book that Jenny gave to Bee the night before our return flight from Utah. This gift was amazing and she played with it at least three different times during our trip. Now I take it with me everywhere and it has saved my sanity at the grocery store. THANK YOU JENNY!

Side note to my mom: I also take the amazing folders that you made for me everywhere. I usually have anywhere from three to five of them in my diaper bag at all times. They are also lifesavers and she uses them at church, at the grocery store, and even at a concert in the library a few days ago. Maybe I will post on those soon, probably when I get the birthday present that you made for me. Thanks mama.

Here's Elmo after having been put to bed  in the Ariel "bed" (it's just a piece of foam covered with fabric), he's sweetly wrapped up in a towel.

So back to my original question: how do I know when it's gone too far? Mind you, I haven't specifically tried to make this scantily clad, rebellious teenager my daughters' hero. I'm not exactly sure how it happened. I got the foam/bed couch thingy for three dollars at a garage sale. I didn't buy it because Ariel was on it but because it was a cool folding couch. There are lots of lessons that I don't want her to learn from the movie, but here we are telling her the story and singing the "everything" song multiple times each day just to appease the little 'princess' and her puppy dog eyes.

She and I attended a performance at the library yesterday by Centre students who were part of a class. One of their assignments was to perform chamber music pieces at the public library that they had learned during the class. I learned about the performance that morning while at storytime and I knew that Bee would love to go. I hoped that the open atmosphere of the library would allow for  a noisy two-year-old and decided to take her. She loved it and clapped after every number. One time she shouted out "yay!" after an especially beautiful piece played by two flutes and a cello. Everyone laughed. My favorite comment, though, came at the end and was only heard by me. The artists started packing up their instruments and everyone was leaving. Bee looked up at me and I could tell that her brain was trying to find the words to express what she wanted to say. She does that a lot now that her language is developing into sentences. After a few seconds of digging around in her brain in the collections of words that she has stored there, she blurted out, in a singsongy voice, a very earnest "I want more..."

At the library.

Notice the cool quilt in the background on the left. It looks like books, but it's a blanket. Each book has the names of donors sewn into the binding.

The professor and some of the students playing some calm jazz music. Bee especially loved 'la trompeta' and 'la guitarra.'

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Although we miss Iowa, there are some benefits to living in Kentucky!

January 2009
Iowa City, IA

This snow pile usually lasted at least four months. It was created by lots of manual labor on both Ben and my parts. We shoveled and shoveled and shoveled. Sometimes the snow pile was even taller.
January 2010
Iowa City, IA

January 2011
Logan, UT

January 2011

Today was drizzly and all the snow is gone.

Here you can see Bee and dad outside with only jackets on.

She was trying to puddle jump in the tiniest little puddle in the sidewalk.

Current Iowa Weather and Forecast

Current Kentucky Weather and Forecast 

That's 26 degrees difference right now.  Even when we're going to be at 19°F on Friday, they're going to be at 5°F. How did I ever survive? I really don't like the cold.

However, the snow shovel is peacefully resting, as are its owners.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Bee and her cousin spent lots of time together on this trip.


Joseph and Mary

"fishing" in the sink. They 'helped' me wash potatoes for an hour while I peeled them. The sink was the greatest babysitter ever.

At the reception

Playing in the sink again

'Sharing' the ride on toy
Once we were at the store she saw a small boy and said "Isaac." I quickly told her that he was a different boy and that Isaac was back at the house. Once strapped into the car seat and well on our way she said "I love Isaac." It was the sweetest thing.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Try to imagine thirteen adults, eight children, two dogs, and a cat all squished into a three bedroom apartment/home. It was definitely chaotic, but also a lot of fun. I love that Bee got to see all of her cousins. I think the craziness of it all was overwhelming to her, but she still seemed to enjoy it. The light sabers were a hit.

Despite all the noise, we enjoyed each others' company. We had a yummy Christmas dinner (two days after), played games, played outside, celebrated new years with lots of goodies, tripped over children constantly, tried to keep the baby safe, and laughed a lot. It was also somewhat stressful as there was still lots of wedding preparation to do as well.
Cute couple. Karolyn's boyfriend can't eat wheat and Kristy and Isaac are allergic to soy. Cooking meals for all of us can be a challenge.

I love love love love love this baby. He was so cute.

Kristy sewing the temple dress days before the ceremony. It was not her fault that the first dress had flawed fabric. Lots of pressure and stress on her to finish on time. Poor thing.

Here are a few shots of the reenactment of the Christmas story. Bee was Mary.

First haircut. Ariel kept her entertained the entire time. She never moved.

Get the kids out of this house NOW! Hello Mickey D's.