Thursday, March 31, 2011

Saturday Off

Benjamin decided to spend at least one day of his "break" relaxing and picked Saturday. We arose early and headed to the Louisville temple. First I went in for an hour and then I switched off with Benjamin while he went with the youth from our ward to do baptisms. It was so nice to feel the Spirit so strong. It reminded me of all I want to become and of how blessed I am. Bee behaved herself as reverently as she could while we waited. I brought some blocks with me and some Little People. She built them a fence, then a house, and then beds. She gave them all pretend pacifiers and tucked them into bed.

We had a quick lunch at Arby.s. Yummy curly fries.

Then we headed to the Louisville Science museum, which is located across the street from the Louisville Slugger museum & factory. The slugger museum is next on my list. The biggest draw for us was that the science museum had a special Star Trek exhibit. Seeing as how my husband has a major obsession with all things Star Trek, it was imperative that we went before the exhibit ended. He LOVED everything about it. Bee was asleep in the stroller for most of it and Ben lovingly pointed out all the real props, costumes, and set dressings from the different episodes. He knew lots of fun details about the show and the displays. He didn't sit in the captain's chair for the special (and expensive) photo op, but he enjoyed the experience nonetheless. Unfortunately cameras weren't allowed in the exhibit. Boo.

Once Bee woke up, we left the special exhibit to explore the rest of the museum. We were there almost six hours and probably only saw half of the museum. There was so much to see and do. We spent a lot of time in the KidZone which was geared to children under the age of seven. I loved this museum because it seemed like a children's museum and there was so much to explore. I really wanted to spring for the season pass, but the difficulty of returning often made it unlikely we would use the pass enough to make our money's worth.
We spent a lot of time in the space shuttle pretending to blast off.

She was soaked by the time we left the water tables. I had her stand under the air dryers to try and warm her up and dry her off.

This is a hands-on museum! She pushed the shopping cart around, collected food, climbed all over the play structures, drove the bus, rode in the bus, set up dolls to ride in the bus, played in the back of the ambulance, drove the ambulance, made multiple phone calls, played with puzzles, got soaked at the water table, played cars, played blocks, played with tinker toys, climbed through tunnels, surrounded herself with bubbles, watched the pendulum, learned about the earth and recycling, and explored lots of exhibits about innovation and engineering.
We loved it and we loved that we got to spend some fun time together this week. The drive home was uneventful and we all slept soundly.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring "Break"

One of the perks of being a college professor is that you get to have a spring break along with your students. Ben's was this week. He had an entire week where he was not required to teach any classes. One of the disadvantages of being a professor is that your work is never done and you still have a lot to do over spring break. The worst is when you are a first year professor and you are never quite able to catch up. Therefore, Benjamin, unfortunately, spent his entire spring break grading papers, writing papers, grading examinations, planning classes, reading readings, completing job paperwork and related business responsibilities, and taking care of the details regarding our home loan application and appraisal.  No fun!

We had discussed going as a family to visit my friend in Indianapolis. In the end we decided to send me and Bee away so that he could be more productive. So we went and enjoyed ourselves immensely while daddy worked hard to take care of us. He is such a good guy. We really missed him.

In IN we visited the zoo on Monday. This was so fun and the weather was perfect. Bee really enjoyed all of the animals and still talks about the zoo and her friend E. all of the time. The aquarium exhibit had an open pool with sharks in it and Bee was able to gently touch a few of them. This was the highlight of her life and she even wakes up from her sleep talking about touching the sharks. We saw lots of animals, a dolphin show, got in a nice walk, and managed to escape without a sunburn.

On Tuesday we visited the Art museum and the sculpture park. Bee wasn't too interested in the art museum once she found out that she wasn't allowed to touch anything. She much preferred walking slowly through the sculpture park and jumping from spot to spot. I loved seeing the fields of daffodils everywhere. Spring is so inspiring. The sculptures were interesting and fun, but often made of sharp and hard materials. I was relieved that no major injuries were incurred during our visit.

It looks like a slide...

Collecting rocks.

When we first arrived there was a group of youth actually playing basketball here. Looks like it'd be pretty difficult.

Luckily, the court was empty by the time we left the park (the court is at the entrance) and the girls ran in and out of all the poles. I had to duck on numerous occasions and still don't know how you could play basketball here.
The girls quickly fell asleep on our way home from here.

The rest of our trip in Indianapolis was shortened when Bee's cold worsened into stomach flu. Yuck. I can handle most things about parenthood, but sickness is my least favorite. The three hour drive home was not fun, not fun at all. However, we made it safe and Ben kindly watched Bee so that I could sleep in. We're all feeling better now.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Green Day

Last week we had the most gorgeous spring weather. The flowers were blooming, the grass was suddenly green, and the sky was blue. On St. Patrick's day I took Bee and her friend S. to the park to enjoy the weather. We were there for almost two hours. We enjoyed a picnic lunch, played at several of the parks, looked at the ducks, walked around, played with sticks in the water, pour sand all over each other, and thoroughly enjoyed our time.

Then it was time for a bath and a movie. I never knew how hard it would be to get sand out of hair.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

In honor of St. Patrick's day, Benjamin reposted his heritage post from last year explaining how he is 15% Irish.

In honor of his Irish heritage, it's become a tradition in our home to have corned beef, cabbage, and Irish soda bread on St. Patrick's day. The meal wasn't as successful as planned due to my lack of cooking skills. You might wonder how one could mess up a crock pot meal. Let me tell you. I put the meat in early with the accompanying water and spices and turned the dial all the way to the right on what I thought was high. I left it there all day. Then I decided to switch it to low later in the afternoon. An hour before dinner I checked the meat to find it tough and uncooked. I looked more closely at the dial and realized that I had turned the dial to warm this morning. It had been on warm all day. Whoops. I pulled it out and baked it in the oven for an hour. We ate it for dinner although it was still a little tough. Then we cooked the rest in the crock pot for several more hours and it turned out much better. Wow, I guess I'm less skilled in the kitchen that I even thought.

I also went all out and made green eggs for breakfast, amazing, I know. Bee called it "huevos verdes con jabon" which is hilarious because jabon means soap in Spanish. She mistakenly pronounced 'jamon' (meaning ham) as 'jabon.' So she excitedly ate her green eggs and soap for breakfast.

Benjamin took the time to make the evening special by teaching Bee about her Irish heritage and about the history of Ireland.

We finished by eating rainbow cookies.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


I think that I am more 'potty trained' than Bee is. I find myelf setting the alarm on my phone to make sure I get her on the potty in time before she has another accident. A good rule of thumb is to have her use the potty fifteen minutes after she drinks something. Lately, I've caught her a lot of time, but if I forget then it results in an accident, her cleaning it up, and us practicing going to the potty ten times. This potty training thing doesn't work as well with a stubborn, stubborn child. I'd give up, but diapers are expensive and we're on a budget this month. I've decided to put up with the stress since she uses the potty about six times for every one accident and she almost always goes number two in the potty. That's one thing she's great at.

Currently she earns a sticker every time she uses the potty. Four stickers equals a treat of some kind and eight stickers equals a prize. I've purchased lots of small toys from the dollar store and she is thrilled when she earns one. Again, I really think that I'm earning most of the prizes here though. I'm the one who gets her to sit on the potty on a regular basis.

In this video she is playing with the bubbles that she earned. Most of this video is in Spanish. It's kind of slow and some might say boring (but a mother never would), but I love the part where she tells me where her heart is. So precious.

The latest on Utah's immigration legislation

There were some very positive developments this week!

I'll be honest -- I did not expect such a positive outcome. I'm very pleased that the Utah legislature was able to listen to their "better angels" in this situation.

This research study shows that Mormons are most likely to "follow the leader" and adopt the political policy preferences of the Church leadership when 1) there is an official endorsement of the policy by the leaders (which came only last year), and 2) when there is internal agreement among those leaders (which has been developing gradually over the past several years). Both conditions appear to be met on the case of immigration policy, and thus it makes sense that this was the result. I just didn't expect that it would actually happen!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Cape

Here's her sad dejected face because I won't let her play with bubbles. She has mastered the puppy dog eyes.
It's hard to get a good picture when she won't stand still.

Here's yesterday's spring picnic video.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Picnic

We took advantage of the beautiful weather to have a picnic at Shakertown. Everything about the day was perfect, except for the fact that Ben couldn't come. He was busy grading papers all day. Poor guy. Thanks Ben for working so hard. We love you!

We took a short hike and Bee was enthralled with everything. She was a slow mover, but in a fabulous mood. We saw lots of horses and dogs that were probably training for the fox hunt.

Here are some of the pictures of our day.

Watching the bulls.
The sun is too bright.
I love this one.
We threw sticks into the river for at least 20 minutes.
Typical stone fencing found everywhere here.
How'd she get so fast?
Coloring while sitting on a bench in the wind near the ducks.
And a video too.This one actually goes with tomorrow's post. I just realized that I made the mistake, but it took too long to upload, so I am NOT changing it. She loves to dance on the front porch. Every time we leave the house, we have to give her a minute to show her stuff. Here she's using a book as a prop.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Video Week

I've been taking lots of short videos of my funny little Bee lately. I was inspired by my friend Jenny to make it a video week this week. This is for those of you who are really committed to my blog.

In this video she is drawing pictures for her little stuffed goat that aunt Jenny sent in the mail. She carries both of her stuffed goats around with her everywhere. They are both from Jenny. She sent the first one after our trip to Utah where one visit to a small goat farm resulted in daily insistence in visiting the 'chivos.' She was so adamant that we go to see the goats often that once she pushed Jenny out the door. So funny that she's got a little goat obsession. We went to visit some goats on Saturday and she is still just as excited about them.

Also, she noticed the moon the other night. She kept wanting to walk back to where she saw it the first time so that she could see it again. We had to explain to her that she could see it from wherever we were and that we didn't have to stay in one place. Now she is always looking up trying to find it.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


My little one finally fell asleep in a funny position and I caught it on film. She always sleeps in her bed and has never really slept anywhere else. The other day she was refusing to nap and I told her that she couldn't leave her room. I heard her in there whimpering until she finally fell asleep. When I went to check on her, this is what I found.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Artisan Bread

Easy Bread

We recently had a relief society activity where they taught us to make bread that doesn't need to be kneaded, only has four ingredients, and can keep in the fridge for something like a week. You can pull any amount of dough out every day and bake it for yummy, crisp on the outside and soft on the inside bread. The recipe can be found somewhere in the middle of all of the text on this website:

I added whole wheat flour and a six-grain cereal to the recipe. It tasted yummy, but wasn't as light as the original recipe. I've been going through a lot of flour lately.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cute Pics

Cute in red.

Not on the face.

Watching a movie and reading books.

Play-doh dinosaurs.

"I love you too much!"