Tuesday, May 31, 2011


She’s translating a lot into English these days, which makes for some cute sentences:

“Mommy, give me tickles!” (from “dame cosquillas”)

“Daddy, I want you.” (from “te quiero”)

Then we were practicing her saying her full name. She has a “primer” and “segundo” nombre.

 Me: “Cual es tu nombre completo?”
Abigail: “Abigail Elisabeth Knoll”
Me: “Muy bien. Sabes que Daddy tiene un nombre completo?”
Abigail thinks for a few seconds: “Daddy Knoll?”
Me: My name is Benjamin. Do you know my second name?
Abigail: Benjamin Daddy Knoll?

There are some red flowers in our yard that look like small strawberries. I told Abby that they were "fresas" but Katie later told her that they were flowers. So the next day we were going for a walk and Abby was looking at the red flowers and said "¿qué es esto, Daddy?" I said "fresas" and she got a smile on her face and said "Mommy dijo que son flores, Daddy." (Mommy said that they're flowers, Daddy.) Katie was very pleased.

She refuses to wear anything other than dresses lately. A few days ago it was cold so I tried to put her in pants and a shirt. She complained, but I made her do it anyway. So she started bawling and tromped down the stairs very upset. Katie asked her what the problem  was and through melodramatic tears Abigail wailed: "Daddy dijo no puedo llevar un vestido!!!" (Daddy said I couldn't wear a dress!!!)

She's big into Cinderella lately. This morning she came into the kitchen: "Voy a ir al baile." (I'm going to the dance/ball.) "Mi madrastra dijo que no puedo ir." (My stepmother said that I couldn't go.) "Mi madrastra cortó mi vestido." (My stepmother cut my dress.) "Necesito un vestido blanco." (I need a white dress [the Cinderella dress].) So Katie played the part of the "hada madrina" (fairy godmother) with the "varita mágica" gave her the white dress and the pumpkin carriage. Abigail: "ya voy al baile! El castillo está afuera." (Now I'm going to the ball! The castle is outside.)

And she switches nearly flawlessly between Spanish and English when she's with me vs. when she's with anyone else. I'm so very proud of her.

(The content of this post was written by Benjamin but posted by Katie)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Best Buds

My friend Sierra just moved and has been in need of lots of help. I have spent lots of time at her house painting, cleaning, and watching children so that she could paint and clean.

I am also getting ready to move and am feeling the stress of needing to pack and then clean two houses. I am going a little crazy. Sierra has willingly and graciously helped me out with lots of babysitting help and cleaning help and packing help. She has helped me tremendously.

She also had the unfortunate experience of being without air conditioning last week during hot, humid days. She came and napped her kids at my house that week and helped me with all of my projects. I appreciate her.

Our kids have grown close quickly as they are stuck with each other frequently. We love it when the get along.

The TV has also been a frequent babysitter at our house lately. Too bad it only keeps her entertained for twenty minutes at a time.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Centre Spring Carnival

One thing that we love about working here is that the college puts on lots of events for families and children. We recently attended the carnival and enjoyed all the games and activities.
Benjamin was challenged to a bungee-cord race by some of his students. Bee thought it was hilarious to see him running and then to watch him being hurled backwards by the force of the cord. He let his students win. ;)
Darn smudges on the camera. Note to self: keep grubby hands off camera and clean lens often.

She got her face painted, played games for prizes, ate chicken fingers and fries, watched people get dunked in the booth, ate cotton candy for the first time, slid down the steep blow up slide, and danced on the stage after the event was over.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

It Could Have Been Worse

One afternoon I noticed that Bee had been especially quite for several minutes. I followed my mommy intuition and decided to check on her. I found her upstairs in her room spreading Desitin all over her outfit. Somehow she managed to only get it on the overalls and not on the chair or in her hair. I am SO glad she didn't put it in her hair. It seems like every mother has a story like this and I am glad that I caught her before she made more of a mess. I still can't get this greasy stuff out of the overalls.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fly a Kite

I wanted Bee to have a kite for Easter and I wanted to have a fun afternoon in the park flying it. Problem: I did not have any clue about how to get it into the air. I vaguely remember flying kites as a child, but I was mostly clueless about how to get this thing in the air.

We got to the park, ate a yummy S.ubway dinner and then headed over to a large grass area. Bee then ran off, showing no interest at all in the kite flying, to the nearby playground. Ben followed her. I then fought with the flightless kite for almost an hour. Then finally, with lots of guiding and coaxing from a fellow kite flyer, I got it in the air. At this point Ben and Bee returned and took turns holding the kite. I love it and was so happy. I kept it in the air for long after Bee had interest in it. I guess it was more for me than for her.

This was an absolutely perfect day. The grass was so green and the sky so beautiful. Perfect family outing.

P.S. She had a bow in her hair when we arrived at the park. I no longer have that bow.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Easter with Friends

Our new friends invited us over to celebrate Easter with their family. They were so kind to have us over and we really enjoyed it. The weather was overcast, but worked perfectly. There were only three children of egg collecting age and their baskets were full to overflowing. Bee finally got the hang of it and actually filled her basket without opening every single egg. All of these photos were taken with B.'s nice camera. I love the bright colors.

These two are becoming fast friends. They see each other often and are teaching each other lots of fun things. For example, Bee can now climb. She climbs on everything and is getting in to so many more things.

She carried around her D.ora umbrella for half of the egg collecting. This resulted in me having to hold her basket while she picked up the egss. What a fun afternoon.

My friend S. had hidden pictures of prophets in some of the eggs. She also had a prize for the person who found the egg with a picture of Christ in it. Bee was lucky enough to find this egg and she received a cute Easter basket and prize. Thanks so much for the fun afternoon.

Monday, May 16, 2011


Here's a long video of Bee playing with her Easter gifts. I perfectly caught what she's like and how she jumps from toy to toy. I love how she sings in this video and her dancing is hilarious. If you're only going to watch a little bit, the second minute is better than the first. The password is Abigail.

Easter from Katie Knoll on Vimeo.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


We split up the Easter celebrations into secular and spiritual in the hopes that we could teach Bee the importance of the Savior in addition to helping her enjoy the fun of the holiday.

We dyed eggs on Friday night.

We spent a long time lining the eggs up and arranging and rearranging them again.

The bunny visited on Saturday morning and left eggs strewn throughout the house. We think the bunny went a little overboard this year. There were so many eggs that Bee got overwhelmed and didn't pick them all up. Mom was a little frustrated when Bee wanted to open every egg after she found it and dump it into the bowl. She also wanted to eat every piece of chocolate as she found it. We coaxed her along and finally made it to the basement where she found her basket o' fun.

 The dollhouse was a hit, as were the foam alphabet puzzle pieces. She built these into a little stage and danced back and forth for a long time.

and yes, those are pancakes in the shape of bunnies and an egg.

Happy Easter!

Thursday, May 12, 2011


When John and Abigail Adams returned from England in 1788, they moved into a house in Quincy, Massachusetts. They named the property “Peacefield”. The house was small and cramped. Abigail described that “it feels like a wren’s nest”. Over the next decade, John Adams served as the first Vice-President of the United States and Abigail supervised the expansion of the house structure to make it more cozy and comfortable. The additions were designed after the Georgian architectural style (which, interestingly, is the dominant architectural style of the buildings on Centre College’s campus).

Yesterday, Katie and I signed the papers for a home in Danville, Kentucky. It was built in 1940 and is registered as BOD-194 in the National Register of Historic Places, part of the “St. Mildred’s Court – West Lexington Avenue Historic District”. This home is built in the Cape Cod Revival Style: a steep-pitched roof, minimal exterior decoration, and prominent dormer windows. As we named our daughter after Abigail Adams, we thought it appropriate to continue the theme and name our new home “Peacefield”.

We’ll be transitioning to our new residence over the next few weeks. Feel free to come to Peacefield for a visit!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Photo Shoot

Abby learned to use to the camera today, much to my dismay (and delight). She thoughtfully went around the room taking pictures of her toys. I loved how she put the LCD screen up to her eye until I taught her to look at it and use it to center her pictures. I thought she did pretty well at getting at least part of her targets into the pictures. She took several of me and thought I was making funny faces. Then she gave me a big hug and said "i love you mommy." This was probably because she felt like she was getting away with something by being allowed to touch the camera.

Here are some of her best shots:

I made this collage in P.icasa. It was super easy. I will definitely use this feature again.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

First Casualty of Childhood

I am not even sure how she broke this candle holder. I just found it shattered on the floor. She didn't even tell me it had happened. So it begins. I'm sure she'll break many more things before she's reached adulthood.

I loved this little candle because it was given to me by a good friend when I was struggling to come to terms with infertility. It was called a 'comfort candle' and the message was about how friends are there to help you through your difficult times. How ironic that now my challenge is a two-year-old who breaks it. I'm grateful for friends who support me and help me through all the different trials of life. I'm grateful for a beautiful daughter who makes me smile every day and who brings joy into our home. I'll miss the candle, but never forget what it represented.