Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Birthday Day

Bee woke up ecstatic on the day of her birthday and she maintained the mood throughout the entire day. I thoroughly enjoyed spending it with her.  We had a yummy breakfast, opened some books from Aunt Jenny which she read and reread while she watched her boyfriend Diego rescue the animals.

Then we headed out to a local gymnasium for open jump time. Her friend S. met us there and they really played hard.

Bee finally learned to jump off of things and I was so proud of her for being so brave.
After playing, we met daddy at the college for lunch at the cafeteria. She ate some fish sticks and french fries. She refuses to wear a coat most days and it's warm enough that I do not fight her on it. As we were walking back to the car she decided to rest on the roots of this tree. Silly girl.

Then she accompanied me on my errands as I tried to get ready for her birthday party. She was so happy about everything and was extremely patient. I was trying to find a plain white shirt that I could decorate for her party. We ran into the dollar store, didn't find a white shirt, but did manage to get change for the carousel. She happily moved from horse to horse to horse as she rode the carousel twice.

In her free time, she continued with her reorganization of the Christmas tree ornaments.
After her fun experience on Halloween with the balloon, I decided to her one for her birthday. It ended up taking forever because Walmart's helium tank was empty and they had to get a new one from the back. Well worth the wait. I think these were her favorite present. I tied them down so that she would not lose them this time, however, she was just as disappointed when the balloons started to droop a few days later.
We asked her what she wanted for dinner and she said pizza. We took her to Cici's where she was so enthralled with the cartoons on the TV's that she barely ate anything. The balloons on our table, yes we took them with us, got her a lot of attention. She was so tired at this point that she wanted to lie down on the bench and sleep. She might have too if we had not reminded her that we needed to go home and open up her presents. That woke her up.

She was spoiled with lots of presents. I made her a dress-up bucket with lots and lots of dresses, wings, costumes, shoes, etc. She went through it piece by piece and tried everything on.

 She was so happy! She got lots of fun toys and plays with them daily. Thanks to everyone for their generosity.

My beautiful three-year-old. Three, thus far, has already been better than two. :) She wanted to play with everything and open everything that night, but was tired enough that she went to bed quickly. Then I got to work finishing the birthday cake and painting her shirt. I had managed my time well during the week preparing everything for the party and was in bed by about midnight.

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Kimbooly said...

Wait! I want the play by play of the birthday PARTY! With PICTURES!

Oh, and shhhhh, don't tell B that Diego is cheating on her, with about a billion other children....