Thursday, December 22, 2011

Birthday Party

Earlier this year Bee attended a friend's party that was organized according to a pink theme. After that party I asked Bee what color she wanted for her birthday party. She thought about it, and while I fully expected her to say pink or purple, she said blue. Then she added that she wanted a Blue's Clues birthday. She doesn't really watch this TV show anymore, but could not be dissuaded. I kept checking over the months to make sure that this was what she still wanted, and it was. I asked her if I could make her a paw print for the cake and she said no. She specifically asked for a cake with Blue on it with candles near her head. Alright then. Blue's clues it was. I started officially planning a week before the party. I was planning on keeping it low-key, but then I got a fun idea and ran with it. It ended up being a lot of work, but it really was a lot of fun.

We started by having all of guests in the family room. I made a cardboard Steve's house for the kids to play in and I had Blue's Birthday playing on the TV. We blew up several blue balloons for the little ones to play with. There were ten kids total at the party.

Once everyone had arrived I announced that we had a special activity that we were going to do at the party and that we were going to play Blue's Clues to find out what the activity was. Then I asked them to look around the room to find the first paw print clue. Bee already knew where it was and pointed it out. It was on the house.

Then I reminded them that when we find a clue, we have to write it down in our "handy dandy notebooks." So we headed to the dining room where each child found and decorated a notebook.

Some of the kids saw the playroom and were much more interested in playing than in decorating and some hadn't ever seen blue's clues, so the whole clue drawing was lost on them.
The second clue was found in the playroom on a piece of "candy."

While in the playroom, we played pin the party hat on blue. Some of the older children let me blindfold them, but the little ones refused. Bee refused because she wanted to make sure that she placed the hat exactly where it was supposed to go. Silly perfectionist.

The third clue was found upon leaving the playroom. It was on some bags of royal icing.

Then we headed to the thinking chairs to figure out what our activity would be. I reminded them of the clues: a house, candy, and frosting. One of the three-year-olds guessed it: gingerbread houses.
 We headed into the living room where I had everything set up and ready to go. I had made a house for each child ahead of time. I wanted to make sure that the icing had set and that the project wouldn't be too overwhelming for children so young. I had so much fun making these. My husband thinks I'm a little crazy for going through so much effort for a birthday party. I really enjoyed it. My favorite part were the trees. I found the idea online on a YouTube video and decided to make my own. I used a sugar cone as the base and then used royal icing and a leaf tip to make the trees. They looked so cute, even though they weren't perfect. I made the snowmen as a last minute addition that I was also excited to try out. I made everything a few days ahead of time. Luckily, I had the seminary tables already in my house and I had plenty of room for everyone.
I tried to find as many blue candies as I could to decorate the houses with.

The decorating was chaos, fun, but chaotic. The parents were extremely helpful. Next time I might reconsider using sprinkles or coconut. The houses turned out perfect and everyone enjoyed themselves.

Some guests spent more time eating than decorating. ;)

Perfectionist Bee, as usual, tried to make hers neat and orderly.
 After decorating the houses we headed to the dining room again for a lunch of homemade macaroni and cheese (thanks Sierra), pretzels, mandarin oranges, blue punch, and cake, and ice cream.

By this time my camera battery had completely died. A lot of these photos were taken by a friend whose camera was also about to run out of battery. I let Benjamin supervise the present opening while I enjoyed it from a distance. Princess presents reigned supreme at the party and she was super happy with everything she received. Thanks to everyone who came. We are glad that Bee has such good friends and that we could spend the morning with all of you.

Then I crashed. Actually I could not handle the candy pieces, coconut flakes, and dried frosting crumbs all over the floor, so the first thing I did once the guests had left was vacuum.

I am not sure if she is going to get a party next year. Being an only child does have it's advantages, she is very spoiled.

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Lonna said...

I love it! Especially the cake. Katie, you are really good! Everything was so well planned and so fun for these children. I wish I could have been there.