Monday, December 19, 2011


I had these girls finger paint last time I got the chance to babysit. Bee was very OCD as she dotted each part of the tree. She made it around two thirds of the circumference of the tree before she got tired. Notice her concentration.

One Sunday recently, Daddy and Bee made a fabulous dinner and a delicious Egg nog pound cake. This was so yummy. It reminded me of poppyseed bread/cake that has the super sweet glaze on top. I usually don't like egg nog, but this cake was worth eating. It was so moist.

This day I gave her fall colors to let her work with. She was to fill the entire paper with color. She was so exact in her efforts to do so that sometimes the paper would get too soggy. She did not want any white to be left showing.

Then I traced her hand a gazillion times and cut out little handprints. Later, Bee and her father glued the handprints onto a foam plate with the center cut out and this wreath decorated our kitchen all of November and it's still there. I took it off for a minute today to get a picture and Bee promptly picked it up and hung it back on the hook. Can you say OCD???

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