Friday, December 16, 2011

Deceptively Delicious?

A friend recently gave me some "hand candy" soaps. They were a gift so that I could pamper myself. Their outer packaging looks just like candy. I inadvertently left them on kitchen counter for several days. Last night I overheard Bee talking about how she did not like the candy. She was with her father and is somewhat picky, so I assumed everything was fine. She usually will lick something or taste a small piece to decide if she likes it. It is Christmas time and we have lots of varieties of candy available in our kitchen, so I was not worried. Soon I overheard Benjamin gagging and complaining about how horrible the "candy" was. Apparently, he had taken a much bigger bite of the hand soaps. I realized that my three-year-old has learned to look before she leaps, even though her father hasn't. He complained for a least five minutes and continued to gag and rinse out his mouth. In his defense, it read "hand candy" on the label. In my defense, these words were accompanied by a picture of a bathtub and bubbles. Benjamin claims that Bee had removed the wrapper and that he never saw it.

This reminds me of the time that I made cinnamon ornaments at a Relief Society activity. I brought home my ornaments and left them out to dry. Benjamin saw them and took a huge bite out of one of my cinnamon Christmas ornaments. Yes, we used cookie cutters to make their shape, however, they did not smell like food. Pure cinnamon added to water does not a cookie make. Plus he failed to notice the glitter on them and the holes punched into them. He still winces when he remembers the flavor of that "cookie." I chuckle to myself every year as I hang the disfigured candy cane on my tree.

Is it my fault? Should I not bring decorations or things into the home that might possibly resemble food in the fear that my husband will consume them without smelling them first?


K-Krew said...

From the title I thought this would be a post about that cookbook. That's awful but I'm sorry to say that it made me chuckle too! Maybe the third time will be the charm?

We're happy that your parents are in MD too! It was nice to see them on Thanksgiving.

Tawnya said...

he he awesome!

Benjamin said...


The little hand soap was wrapped JUST like a candy. AND Abigail had already opened it so I didn't see the whole wrapper. What little bit of the wrapper I DID see had the word "candy" on it.

As to the ornament: it looked just like baked cookie. What was I supposed to think?

As for the business about smelling food first: it's a documented, scientific fact that males use their olfactory sense to a lesser extent than females. We LOOK and TOUCH, but we don't SMELL.

For the record, the hand soap was very salty. Bleeaaach!

Lindsey Tiner Miller said...

Yes, salt scrubs do wonders for your hands! (not tongue)

Lindsey said...

I got a lovely card in the mail today. Merry Christmas to you both! I loved the story of Abigail and the story. Thanks for sharing.

Shelly said...

LOL! I should ask the kids if they tried our cinnamon ornaments. Did you add applesauce or is it just cinnamon?

Katie said...

There might have been applesauce in them. It was several years ago and I don't really remember. I do remember lots and lots of cinnamon.

Lonna said...

I tried to read this post to your daddy and I kept laughing so hard, I couldn't get through it. (Ben's answer comment was pretty good as well!)