Sunday, December 11, 2011


I decorated the trunk with a princess theme for our ward trunk-or-treat. I had to hide everything from Bee ahead of time so that she would not get jealous. I used all of the leftover satin from her costume to decorate and then. I had a lot of fun drawing the Cinderella castle and was pretty proud of how it turned out.

Doughnut eating contest.

No hands!

The children made little styrofoam spiders and then had to race with them by blowing them across the room.
Bee made a good effort but never really got her spider to move very far.

Just as we were finishing trick-or-treating in the downtown on Halloween, someone closing up their booth handed Bee this bouquet of balloons. She was ecstatic. While other children stood in line trick-or-treating, she ran up and down the street with her balloons. She was beyond happy. Candy, who needs candy? Just give me some balloons.

She was pretty sad when she accidentally let go of them after about fifteen minutes. She kept asking us to go to the store to buy her more.

On another note, sledding has been all the rage for S. and Bee lately. There isn't any snow, but that has not stopped them. This little hill provides the perfect entertainment and this is Bee's favorite activity, well, that and playing with the princesses, every time we visit S.


Tawnya said...

A balloon bouquet? That is such a great idea!!

Kimbooly said...

I was just wondering how sad she would be if she let go of those delightful balloons.

I kept telling Carter, "Look, that's Ab-bee, look, Ab-bee!" while she was carrying the balloons, and sure enough, the 2nd name he knows besides a family member (Nana is the first, of course) is Abby. He started saying it by the end of the video. (I decided "Abby" would be a lot easier than Abigail," so I shortened it for him.)

Kimbooly said...

Oh yeah, and your castle is gorgeous. You should be proud!