Saturday, December 17, 2011


I just read a good post by one my favorite infertility bloggers. She really understands how I feel and even more so since she spent eleven years trying to conceive and finally brought a daughter in her home through the process of embryo adoption (FET transfer) while it only took us three. She is now undergoing secondary infertility (SI) which is what I struggle with, which is even more so on my mind lately now that Bee turned three.

While I understand that people are trying to be kind and considerate, most people don't know what to say to make me feel better. I think that infertility is something you have to experience to understand. That's why I enjoy reading Jess and her thoughts about her journey and her beautiful daughter.

Her post today "Adding to the Misconception" was about how adoption is not the perfect, fix all, solution to infertility and that super fertile women always seem to be the ones that recommend it to us. I liked what she said, but I also wanted to add that it is more difficult for couples to adopt newborns when they already have one biological child because birth mothers often choose childless couples to share their baby with. We are not currently pursuing adoption, but this post resonated with me and I wanted to share it here.

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Shelly said...

SOOO true! Even after going through secondary and "tertiary" (my name for it) infertility, I can still put my foot in my mouth.

A friend went to the doctor recently, they asked if she'd ever been pregnant, "no", "so you don't have any kids?" DOH! She has 2.

We should have classes on this.