Saturday, January 28, 2012


Over Christmas: "Everybody, everybody, you need to calm down." (southern twang) I think she was overwhelmed by all the people in our house.
To nana, concerning her new zhu zhu pet: "nana, nana, look what my cousins gave me."
"cousins, cousins, look what I have." She never really learned their names and preferred to refer to them in the plural.

For the last month her preferred language is Meowese. She talks in cat a lot and it is honestly one of the best ways to get her to do what we want. Instead of saying. Please pick up your coat, we say "meow, pick up your coat please gatita, meow." She especially reserts to meowese when she is scared or nervous and also when she is on the phone.

About Christmas: "Santa comes and gives me presents."
In the potty: "I’m going number three." Apparently number two isn’t good enough to describe it.

Aunt Kimberly wrote “B” on abby’s cup, based on my blog nickname. Abigail didn’t like it. She wanted “A for A-bi-gu-ail". Kimberly then wrote Abigail on the cup with several hearts two days later. Bee was thrilled and held it to her heart.
To nana: "I had a dream and walked into a place where there were bad boys that will bite me and I will just bite them back."

With Ben while talking about ages. “How old are you daddy?” I’m 28. “Oh my gracious!”
After waking up in the morning. “mommy you took away my paints, you need to say sorry” It was a dream, it wasn’t real. “It was real, you need to say sorry.”

In the car: “Mommy can I drive?” No, sweetie you are too small to drive. “I’m big” Not big enough to drive. “I can pretend I’m big.” That’s not how it works.

1.6.12 To mom: “you’re probably my hero.” Awwwwww, my little sweetie. She's been extremely cuddly and very attached to me lately. I can't say I hate it.

1.6.12 to daddy: “stop kissing mommy, she’s mine.”

1.6.12 "That’s a helicarter. ha ha ha. I just said heli-carter instead of helicopter. ha ha"

1.9.12 While having a discussion about why we are teaching her Spanish: "I talk bilingüe." Spanglish wins out.
1.9.12 "Mommy why are you sad? Let’s say an oración. mommy, fold your arms. Dear heavnly father, thank ya fer dis day, blessn my mommy, blessn my friends, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen." I love that she prayed for me.

1.11.12 Beeism: "daddy, you wanna cas with me?" (quieres casarte conmigo?) Do you want to marry me?

1.15.12 Katie: "ah! daddy bumped into me!" Bee: "lucky boy!"

1.16.12 Abbyism: "I can't sing the song. My mouth is too small to sing it."

1.17.12 Katie: “I love you.” Bee sitting at the table eating lunch and swinging her legs, without look up nonchalantly said “yep.”
1.26.12 Bee played teacher for the first time. She called me ‘kid’ and told me where to sit and what to do. She held up a paper and slowly moved it around so all the ‘students’ could see it. She sang the alphabet with me and then taught me a bubble game. We are so proud of our little teacher.


Kimbooly said...

"My mouth is too small to sing...."


Tawnya said...

he he he... she is too funny!

Lonna said...

I'm so pleased that you are recording the "Beeisms". She comes up with some corkers!