Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Morning Craziness

My Christmas gift this year was that several of my family members made the trek to visit us for Christmas. They arrived on Christmas Eve and stayed through most of the following week. Benjamin and I got to go on a "date" to pick up Karolyn and A.J. from the airport. Their flight came in at 10:30 p.m. on Christmas Eve. We are so glad that they came.

We had a wonderful week and enjoyed spending it with family. Everyone was helpful with food preparation, dishes, cleanup, etc. We played lots of games, did a 1,000 piece puzzle, ate very richly, visited a Civil War battlefield, visited the American Dollhouse Museum, went to see the lights at the Kentucky Horse Park, attended a Centre basketball game, and enjoyed each others' company. I still missed all of the family members that we did not see this year and hope to see them soon.

Several of us were up early for six a.m. stockings. We had to wait,though, until everybody was up and ready.

Waiting, waiting, waiting.
More waiting....

New pajamas.

Nana's Christmas present.

Admiring the presents.

One of my beautiful sisters.

Toys strewn everywhere. Mom and dad excitedly watching their spoiled child.

Grandpa and Chessie with Bee.

So happy.

Five children, eight adults, and lots of stockings. We decided to open them early to make sure that we would all be ready in time for 9:30 a.m. church. Presents had to wait until after lunch. The children were mostly patient about this rule.

Things went perfectly and we made it early to the sacrament meeting. I loved the musical presentations put on by the various groups and felt very edified. I am so grateful for the gift of the Savior and for His infinite love and mercy. I loved sharing this Christmas with my parents, some of my siblings, and with my dear husband and daughter.

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Tawnya said...

What fun activities! How fun to have family come.