Sunday, January 1, 2012

December Activities

Bee likes to redecorate the tree.

Here we were at our work Christmas dinner. These girls ate well and were well behaved during dinner. Then they danced around in circles to the music. They weren't so well behaved during the reading of "The Night Before Christmas."

I participated in a Relief Society activity where the lives of the women of the nativity were vignetted. I played the part of Joseph's mother. It was a neat event.

For our MOPS play group this month we decorated cookies. While she decorated some, she spent most of the time licking the knife and sampling the different sprinkles.

We also made hand print Christmas trees. I forgot to take a picture of the finished project.

The children enjoyed running up and down this hallway. Bee decided that she preferred to roll down it.

At our ward Christmas party the primary children reenacted the Nativity story and Bee played the part of a sheep. She loved to run around on all fours and bleat.

She was shy around Santa and is somehow barefoot.

She received this fun house from her grandmother for Christmas. We had S. over to play this month and they dressed up in princess dresses and then watched Cinderella in the house. They don't look happy, but it is only because they are so focused on the movie.

I found a "joy to the world" display drawn by one of my favorite bloggers on her chalkboard and decided to copy it. I thought that it turned out well. It was a fun addition to my living room this year.

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joyous said...

What fun you guys have! My mom got that same playhouse for my girls while we were at her house the week before Christmas. They had so much fun decorating and playing in it. :)