Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Don't Leave

Christmas week flew by and soon our guests were leaving us. Nana and Papa had to leave first on Thursday, then Karolyn and A.J. flew out on Friday.

We enjoyed meeting A.J. and were saddened when things didn't work out between these two. He ended up breaking up with her shortly after the trip. Sorry Karolyn. We tried to be good, but you've got to admit, we're all crazy. :)
Three of the four sisters. Karolyn was missed.
We hired babysitters and took them to the airport, getting them there with only an hour to departure. Whoops. Luckily everything worked out. Sorry Karolyn for any undue anxiety you may have experience. Then Rob, Kimberly, Benjamin, and I went to the Louisville temple.

We had a spiritually edifying time and were so glad to have the opportunity to visit the temple together. We were worried about leaving the five children with the babysitters for over eight hours, but they did well and the kids had fun. Both Kimberly and I meant to take pictures of the four of us outside the temple, but none of us remembered. Oh well. Thanks Kim and Rob for a fun night out at the temple.

Obviously we found this picture on the web and did not take it ourselves.

They then spent Saturday packing, cleaning, playing a few more games, and then finally had to leave in the early afternoon. I really appreciate them coming, especially since it resulted in the totalling of their vehicle on the drive out. Luckily only the van was hurt. We feel so blessed that they were all unharmed and that they eventually made it safe here and later made it safe back to Texas. The silver lining, if there is one, is that they get to buy a newer van now. Their rental van was pretty sweet too.

We had s'mores for lunch on Saturday. Not healthy, but enthusiastically received by the boys.

Here's my attempt at writing in pancakes on Saturday morning.

The boys left us a mural to remember them by.

The rental van just before they pulled away. Sniff. The house is so quiet now.


Tawnya said...

What an awesome trip! And what a total bummer about them totaling their van!!!

Kimbooly said...

Tawnya, it was a total bummer. But as you can see, the rental is pretty sweet; a fully loaded 2012 Town & Country.

I really loved my 2005 Town & Country, but since there's nothing I can do about it now, it will be fun to look for a new vehicle. Though we have now realized we can't afford what I want (um, a 2012 fully loaded Town & Country, hint hint!), I'm still looking forward to car shopping.