Sunday, January 8, 2012

Fun Was Had By All

I really enjoyed having family for Christmas, despite the extra workload. We all spent lots of time in the kitchen doing dishes, eating, and preparing meals.
The day after Christmas we had a traditional ham dinner with mashed potatoes. It was delicious. Kimberly even spoiled us with lots of chilled sparkling cider.

These are my pretty green chargers that I had purchased that day on an after Christmas clearance sale. The tablecloth is new too.
It was tight, but we all fit in the dining room. The Seminary tables and chairs came in handy.
This might be Abby's first real experience with video games. I think she was able to get her character to jump up and down. The boys received a new xbox game for Christmas and they LOVED playing it. In a stroke of genius, we found our small TV and placed it in the basement. Then we hooked up the xbox to it and the boys spent as much time as they were allowed down in the basement playing. It kept them entertained and left the upstairs family room for the adults to enjoy.

During the week, Kimberly managed to cut her four boys' hair, her husband's hair, her dad's hair, and Bee's hair. Hers was a long process as she has two different kinds of hair and they tend to lay differently wet than dry. It ended up a lot shorter than I was planning on, but it looks really cute. She was pretty patient, only complaining that the booster seat wasn't very comfortable. As long as Diego was on, she was happy. She received several Go Diego Go! DVDs from Santa. He made sure that they had Spanish tracks and she happily watches them in Spanish. Thanks Kimberly for spending so much time making my daughter's hair perfect. I appreciate it.

Aunt Kimberly is so much fun.

Her hair never quite falls right unless I flat iron it. A friend, whose daughter currently has lice, pointed out that one of the positives of a flat iron is that it kills lice. Something to keep in mind, I guess. Luckily we didn't get lice even though we were at their house for New Years Eve.

Sisterly love. You can't see here how Kimberly magically cleaned the huge grease stain out of the pocket of my hoodie. She is handy to have around. I miss her...and Karolyn too.

Grandma sent us some fun games and we had a lot of fun playing Disney Scene it? I was frustrated when I got stumped by a question. I was not able to remember which movie the characters Figaro and Cleo were in. Darn. 

Chilling on the couch. We are a stacking kind of family.

Little C. loved listening along as his dad played games. So cute.

These two had so much  playing in the tent. Nana had them giggling hysterically as she punched the tent in or lifted it off of them. They loved it.

Chessie was a good little puppy during her visit here. She slept a lot and played too. She was passed from arms to arms and was thoroughly spoiled. I think Benjamin was even surprised by how good she was, although I am sure that he would never admit to that.

The boys impressed me with their coloring and shading talents. The house looks very well colored in now. They even wrote Bee's name on the front door. inside they drew a fireplace and a TV screen. It was fun to see their creativity and excitement to color the house in.


Tawnya said...

What a cute family you have. And I love your kitchen!! I love the red and white tiles! :)

Katie said...

Thanks Tawnya. I love how you always comment on my blog. Thanks for keeping track of us. I keep track of your blog in my google reader and love reading it, although I rarely comment. Sorry. Love ya,