Monday, January 9, 2012

New Playground

One of my MOPS friends moved at the beginning of the year. Boo. The good news is that they will be starting a new job and that there will be better opportunities for their family. She will be missed. She did a great job of purging as she packed and got ready for the move. She sold things, gave things away, and threw away things. When she posted on facebook that she giving away a swing set, I responded immediately. Somehow I found another MOPS mom whose husband had a 16 foot trailer and was willing to help us move this swing set to our backyard only two days after Christmas. Late Christmas present. Woot woot! Did I mention that it was free and only cost thirty minutes of cold labor to get it too our backyard. It's a little rusty, but it is a great addition. The boys loved it. I even caught them jumping off of the top of it.

It's old and needs some repairs, I might even try spray painting it in the spring. The plastic glider seats are falling apart and need to be replaced as well.

It was fun to hear them sing the abc song as they glided back and forth.

I have such great sisters.

A.J., Karolyn, and I spent a lot of time putting together Bryce's 1,000 piece puzzle. I enjoyed the challenge. Other people helped, especially Rob, but most of the work was done by A.J. and Karolyn. We had the puzzle set up in the basement. The lighting wasn't great, but it kept it safe from little hands.

Ben got this shot of Kim's boys at the civil war battlefield.

I loved having so many people around to play with and entertain Bee. She was extremely cuddly and spent lots of time in others' arms.

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Tawnya said...

How fun!! I want one!