Friday, January 13, 2012

New Year's Festivities

 It was quite the new year for us. We celebrated the Parisian new year, meaning that we ate, played, made noise, and then were all home by 7:00 p.m. in time to put the kids to bed. Benjamin and I were exhausted from the week's festivities and decided to keep it low-key this year.

We arrived at the party to find out that the mom had found lice in her daughters' hair thirty minutes before the party started. We didn't see the daughter at all and we only saw the mom for a few seconds. My head has been a little itchy ever since. The power of suggestion is strong. We definitely don't want lice.

One of the moms that was there went in to labor that night, soon after the party, and had the first baby of the year in our local hospital. It was some party.

Benjamin and I went home and played games in front of the fire and then toasted in the new year with some sparkling grape juice. We have lots of goals for the new year and we are excited what it will bring. In 2011 we moved into our beautiful, Benjamin started his second year of work, I started teaching Spanish at the Montessori school, Bee turned three, I successfully taught Seminary for the most of the entire year, our car hung in there for the year (and hopefully for a few more), we made new friends, had great memories, took several trips, had lots of visitors, enjoyed good health, ate well (hence the need for repeat weight loss goals from last year), and have settled our family for now. Here's to a great 2012.
Countdown to 6:00 p.m. or midnight in Paris.


Here's a great shot of her new haircut in addition to her obssession with princess dresses.


Kimbooly said...

I love her hair! So glad it turned out!

Kellie and Brian said...

Katie, I can't keep up with you! Every time I check your blog, I'm amazed you have time to do all the fun activities, let alone blog about them! I love all the fun ideas I get from your adventures. And teaching seminary daily to boot! Love it.

Rachel said...

man, she is toooooo cute!