Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pew Survey on Mormons in America

For those of you who haven't seen this, it's fascinating:

Pew is a respected firm that runs first-class surveys, so I take the results of this "Mormons in America" survey as fairly accurate.

The full complete report is available in PDF format (2 MB) and goes into much greater detail on the questions summarized in the link above:

Most of the results are not overly surprising, although there are a few head-scratchers in there. What do you all think is the most interesting finding of this survey???


Benjamin said...

I'll start:

Page 34 of the PDF - most Mormons have friends who are other Mormons, even for those who live outside the West. We do tend to be insulated...

Page 38 - only 65% of those who identify as Mormon currently hold a temple recommend.

Page 40 - Wow. Only 27% have served missions - and that's less than half of men and only 11% of women.

Page 42 - about a quarter of those who identify as Mormons say that some doctrines are "hard to believe"

Page 44 - VERY interesting! Only 62% of Mormons with "high" religious commitment say the Word of Wisdom is "essential" to being a good Mormon. Only 39% say that about rated R movies...

Page 46 - Whaaa...? 11% of Mormons believe in reincarnation?

Page 57 - about one-quarter of self-identified Mormons are Democrats, but only about 10% of highly-religious Mormons are Democrats. It's rough to be in the minority of the minority sometimes... Also, contrary to the patterns of the rest of the country, more education = more Republican among Mormons. It's the opposite in the general public.

Page 59 - I love this. Less than 40% of all Mormons think that the Republican party is "friendly" toward Mormonism. And less than half of all Republicans Mormons. (But that number is only 17% who view Democrats as being friendly...) So basically, Mormons see neither party as being a friend of the church. Looks like things haven't changed much since the 1840s...

Page 60 - ha ha. Mormons view President Obama more favorably than they do Harry Reid. I guess they see Reid as more of a traitor? ;-)

Page 63 - really? Even when the church publicly endorses a more moderate and comprehensive immigration approach? Really???

Rachel Culmer said...

Page 44--yes...that was definitely a head scratcher. Good post Ben. :)

Lonna said...

Very interesting. I agree with your comments. If some of these facts are true,especially the missionaries, it paints a pretty sad picture. Yet, it does pull out a lot of good statistics as well, many higher than other churches or the public in general.