Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Presents, Presents, Presents.

Today is a gift, that is why it is called the present. I absolutely loved having family visit and tried to cherish the short time that we were together. There were so many special moments that I will always remember.

After church on Christmas Sunday we had a pancake brunch. Then, and only then, did we gather everyone together to open their Christmas presents.

Kimberly and her family talked Grandpa into taking some family pictures of them while they were all dressed up in their Sunday best. Aren’t they a handsome family? Love them. I also love that they used my front walkway as a backdrop. It looks nice.

Cuddling with Nana. Bee sure has turned into a cuddler lately. I love how she'll climb into my arms and just cuddle and cuddle.

Karolyn and A.J. were always cuddling together. Young love.

So many presents.

We received lots of games this year and have already played with most of them.

This was taken the next day. New outfit. Her choice.

More presents opened at a different time. Thanks Kimberly for the zhu zhu pet. Too bad she dropped it into Nana's box and that it is now in Maryland. I guess we will have to go visit.

In addition to gifts from grandparents and aunts, my sister and I had found lots of gifts for Bee at consignment stores and had wrapped them individually. Bee ended up with the largest pile of presents by a long shot. At first we went around the room and let each person open one present so that everyone else could watch. This lasted for a while, but eventually it became chaos. Our only child is used to more quite and order. The chaos and never ending pile of presents was too much. She became so overwhelmed that she stopped unwrapping and just sat in her chair and watched. Eventually we took her up to her room for a much needed nap. After that we had her unwrap a few gifts a day for several days after Christmas. We felt that this helped her appreciate them a little bit more. I still plan to organize them, hide some, etc. so that she really plays with the toys that she does have. I hope to set up a toy rotation plan where she will see new toys every few months or so. Needless to say, we feel very blessed and are grateful we could provide a fun Christmas for our daughter, even if I bought most of the toys used.

My favorite gifts that she received were the princess tent, the miniature tea set, the doctor's kit, the light up ball, and all of the books, especially the Pirate's Night Before Christmas.

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