Tuesday, January 10, 2012


The girls found time on Thursday to head to a local thrift shop. We scored some fun things including gravy boats and new clothes for our men. I found a cool cash register toy that I am going to save for another holiday. A.J. and Karolyn got bored after a while and ended up sitting on the couch waiting for us. They were waiting for almost forty-five minutes. Poor things. I checked out at one point and then kept finding new things to buy. I told Kimberly that it was her fault that I kept buying things and in an effort to speed up her shopping I recommended she buy everything that I found from that point on. The sweet girl didn't agree, but then she did end up paying for the three things that I had found. Funny Kimberly.

Then Kimberly and Karolyn went to the dollhouse museum while the boys went to a local civil war battlefield. I love the detail of the displays. There is so much to see there. Bee and I have been to the museum several times recently so we played in the front of the store and out on the grounds. She pretended to be a horse and actually ate quite a few blades of grass. Silly girl. Is she ever going to grow out of her oral fixation phase?????
They look large, but they were tiny.

I love me a teeny tiny fabric shop.

We split up again in the evening with some of us, including the littlest persons, going to a basketball game at Ben's college and the other group heading to Lexington for some shopping and to see the lights displays at the Kentucky Horse Park.

Kimberly had to find a new car seat to replace the one that had been involved in their accident on their drive out. We looked at a Wal.mart here in the town and then headed to Le.xington where we checked out Sa.m's club, then Ta.rget, and finally ended up finding an acceptable one on the drive home at yet another W.almart.
We also saw the lights.
Cinderella's castle.

Horse race.

They had displays for each of the twelve days of Christmas. I love the one for the French hens. Maybe the Eiffel Tower is an overdone blatant stereotype, but it was still funny.

I also like this one.

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