Saturday, February 25, 2012

Abby reads her name... kind of

Here's a proud-daddy-bragging-about-his-genius-daughter story:

Abby knows her alphabet pretty well. She can identify her name most of the time when she sees it written. But I wanted to know if she was actually reading it phonetically or just identifying a few select letters (for instance, she knows her name starts with A then B). So I tried this experiment with her. I gave her a list of four words that start with AB:


I asked her "which one is your name?" She picked it out immediately: "ABIGAIL - it has two A's."

So she's not reading it letter-for-letter phonetically, just hunting for two A's. So I gave her a new list of words, each one with two A's:


That threw her off. She pointed to ABIGAIL and ABYSMAL. "Are these two my names?" Then she looked a few seconds more. "They're all my names?" I asked her to think of what other sounds her name has. So she made the sounds: "ah - buh- guh- ale... ale... L!" She pointed to ABIGAIL and ABYSMAL - "those two are my names!" I asked her what other sounds her name has. She said "ah, buh, el... guh!" Then she pointed to ABIGAIL. "That one's my name. There's the G."

Good girl!!! I'm a proud daddy.

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Tawnya said...

That is so awesome!! Way to go little one!