Sunday, February 26, 2012


I have spent the bulk of my 'free time' this month working on a project, and therefore have posted little here on my blog. I wasn't actually absent from the blogging scene and was working very closely with blogger during this time. I did something that I have been planning to do for years and that was to create a book out of my blog that I could print and use as a family scrapbook/journal. I received a coupon for in early February that offered 20% off my book order during this month. It was then that I decided to start creating my book and I hoped to finish it before the February 28th deadline. I spent many hours editing posts, deleting posts, adding posts, adding pictures, editing text, adding text, and trying to figure out how to outsmart the layouts in BookSmart. I originally planned to only create a book for 2008, the first year that I started blogging. However, I finished that book and still had thirty pages more to fill before reaching the page limit for that price range. I charged full ahead with 2009 and ended up adding more than a hundred pages to the book. The final product contains most of our blog posts from the years 2008 and 2009 and is exactly 200 pages long. I am so excited! It should arrive in the mail in the next few weeks.

I apologize to my mother who I know checks my blog on a daily basis. I imagine February was a disappointing month for you on my blog. I intend to be caught up on my blog soon. I have SO many fun things to post about and so many beautiful pictures of Abigail to add. Thanks for your patience with me.

These kids might look harmless, but they are tornadoes in a fast-food restaurant. Aah! A milk jug spilled all over the floor and two minutes after they finished mopping it up, a little one poured their water cup over everywhere. It should be easy, but fast-food is stressful for me.


Tawnya said...

Was it hard? I really want to do that to our blog but haven't wanted to commit to the time or the money.

thepurplecow said...

Your other mother checks it every day too! I need my Abby fix on a regular basis.