Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy Birthday!!

Today is the birthday of the greatest husband ever. I hope to make it a great and wonderful day for him. We already celebrated last week with a getaway to Cincinnati without our little girl. It was so much fun to be on a date with him and to do so many fun activities. Happy Birthday, my love!

Speaking of birthdays, I celebrated mine in January. Benjamin took such good care of me. I was really spoiled. I asked him to make crepes for breakfast. He made enough to feed all of the Seminary students too. He had lots of fresh fruit, etc. Ashley brough the most amazing chocolate checkerboard cake. It took her four hours to make. I was so impressed. It was tasty too.

I then had a great day and Abigail was fun to be around. Jenny watched Abigail for me in the morning so that I could do some shopping. Then Sierra and I paid Ashley to watch our children for us so that we could go out to lunch. I love me some A.pplebee's lunch salads. Abby and I spent some relaxing down time in the afternoon and then I cleaned house before the guests arrived. Benjamin made me an awesome carrot cake and we shared it with some of our friends. Abby kept asking what my birthday theme was. She thinks birthdays are synonymous with commercialized cartoon characters. She kept recommending some for me.

Benjamin had a difficult time this year with a birthday gift for me. He tried hard, but I just kept changing my mind. I finally decided, a week before my birthday, that I wanted an IPOD touch. Benjamin had alreadly purchased me a Kindle Touch at that point. He let me send it back though and I received my IPOD touch towards the middle of February. I absolutely love it and use it for everything. Thanks.

It was a happy birthday for me. Thanks to everyone who called me that week, who sent me cards & presents, or who even thought of me. I got lots of facebook love too. Thirty-one was somehow infnitely better than thirty. Time keeps moving on. Here's to another great year.

Benjamin also taught Seminary for me the day after Seminary, just to be nice. He is greatest! Happy birthday honey! I love you!!!!


Rachel said...

Katie! did you get a newer ipod touch? we can do facetime!! lets do facetime, OK?!!?!

Jenny said...

It's a good thing you're the one that sent back the present. I still haven't completely forgiven Christian for returning one of his Christmas presents two years ago.

Kimbooly said...


Too bad Ashley didn't have one of those checkerboard-cake-making kits. I remember we had one years ago. But maybe even with the kit it took hours. Who knows.

A very happy and belated birthday, my dear!