Monday, February 27, 2012


On Saturday, January 7th, we were playing out in the backyard. I was working to improve Bee's new swingset. The glider's plastic seats were old and brittle. Many pieces were broken and had sharp edges. I chose to remove them all and to replace them with wooden seat complete with new hardware. I had to hacksaw through the old screws to get them off. I spent much of the afternoon doing this while Bee wandered around the yard playing. When her father got home, he kindly came out to help. By this time Bee was bored and wanted some attention. I was worried that she would get hurt if she came near the drill or the saw.  At one point she took the metal (rounded) bars that served as the support for the plastic seats. She lined them up along a concrete bench and pretended that they were railroad tracks. She proceeded to try and balance by walking along them. She quickly fell off and landed on the concrete patio. I am guessing that she also hit a stick or an acorn. The gash was not deep, but large enough to scare the wits out of me. We had a nurse friend come over and look at it and clean it out. Then we applied butterfly bandages to hold it together. She sported these bandages for quite a while. Now she has a Harry Potteresque scar on her forehead. She was brave, though and handled it well. Katie had a harder time and had to remain seated so as not to pass out.

The second picture is of her after she found the reward stickers for her bedtime routine chart. She went to town. On a side note, we only did the bedtime routine chart for one week, but it was amazingly effective.

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Tawnya said...

poor girl! and it is so ironic you were spending all that time making the swing set safe and she gets hurt on the cement. Poor kid!