Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Celebrations Continue

We also celebrated on his actual birthday. We started early with the opening of the presents. He received lots of books. His family knows him well.
He had lots of help opening presents and Bee was pleasantly surprised when one of the gifts was a book for her.

I surprised him with a GPS that I had purchased Black Friday last year. I somehow managed to keep the secret until now. He was excited. We found it to be extremely useful the next month when we took a trip to Washington, DC. We love the GPS and are entertained by the Yoda voice that we downloaded on it. He got really spoiled for his birthday this year. I bought this GPS before I knew that he would ask to go to a concert for his birthday.
I love his birthdays, they are so easy for me. He decides what he wants to do, plans it, executes it, etc. and I come along for the ride. So easy.

We had never eaten here before and decided to try it out for the birthday. We spoiled ourselves with lots of eating out this birthday. Their waffles tasted like cake. Yum. Although I was surprised that they do not even offer pancakes.

Bee bought her dad a balloon bouquet for his birthday. She loved sharing his present with him.

The weather is beautiful here and we tried to take all of the kids for a walk in the wagon.  Bee felt a little squished.

We decided to eat out once again for dinner. We're now on a small eating out budget for the rest of the year. We ate at Eddy Montgomery's, which is a steakhouse owned by Eddy who is a country singer from the group Montgomery Gentry with Trace Adkins. The restaurant was fancy. Benjamin chose the calamari, of course. Too bad there weren't any live music performances on the stage while we there.  For dessert, instead of the traditional cake, he asked me to make him his favorite chocolate crispy bars. Looks like they will be a birthday tradition for him.

 Benjamin had an enjoyable birthday, even though he spent most of his day in student paper conferences. We love you Benjamin!

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Jenny said...

Happy (late) birthday to Ben! It looks like you and Abigail spoiled him.