Thursday, March 8, 2012


Abby received these activity books in the mail and had so much fun coloring them. The second one was stored in the diaper bag and was a lifesaver a few weeks later when we found ourselves with five children, including three three-year olds, waiting for our food at a restaurant in downtown Lousville.

My friend Tasha invited me last June to do a fun craft with her. Our schedules never worked out and every attempt to get together was cancelled by unforeseen circumstances. Recently I asked her how it turned out, assuming that she had done it without me, and she told me that she had never actualy gotten to it. We made plans to meet again and actually were able to follow through this time.

Her plan was to create magnet paper dolls for our little girls. The cool part would be that the paper dolls would be of pictures of the girls themselves. That morning, I loaded the car full of outfits and hairclips and we headed to Tasha's. It required a lot of coaxing and m&m's to get Bee to pose for that many pictures. Luckily, the face only mattered on the base doll. :)
She LOVES their dog and spent much of our time mercilessly chasing after this little guy.

It is February and even lightly snowed that day, but she was content to be outside as long as she could ride this horse. At one point she called out "I'm riding to the promised land."

Playing the drums in between outfit changes.

She found this crown on the refrigerator (it's a magnet) and she carried it around the rest of the morning.

We set up a tripod and tried to find the best lighting. Then we put marks on the floor to help the girls stand in the same position for each picture. This was more difficult for me as Bee was not particularly interested in taking lots of pictures. The other girl, P., was fairly compliant and eventually really got into choosing outfits to try on.

So we finally got the pictures taken. It took most of the day. Now these pictures have sat on my computer for weeks and I am working on using the polygonal lasso tool in Adobe Photoshop to isolate the outfits. Then we will print them out onto magnetic sheets, cut them out by hand and voila, paper dolls. I am planning on this being her gift from me for Easter.

Here is what they look like so far.


Cathy said...

I love those paper dolls! What a cute idea!

Kimbooly said...

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!