Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Irish Flair

After the museum we headed into town. Benjamin had previously researched an Irish pub where we could eat some authentic food before heading to the concert.

We ate at Molly Malone's. I let Benjamin order lots of fun things to try and we had a nice dinner. We also got the chance to walk around the city for a bit.

One of the benefits of Benjamin getting interested in his family history is that he gains new interests and cultural tastes. Last year as he was learning about his Irish heritage, he started searching out music groups that represented that culture. He found lots of different kinds and especially became fond of a musical group called Gaelic Storm. He loves their music and lyrics and has purchased many of the Cd's. He has been anxious to see them live and has recommended several times that we drive hours and hours to see them play. I have never acquiesced...until now. We chose the Thursday Cincinnati show instead of the Friday Columbus show because we would leave Bee for less time.
He was pretty excited about the performance and he did not leave disappointed. It was fun to see him singing along with the lyrics. This was our first time at a concert that required standing for the entire two hours. The atmosphere was fun and the fiddling was fantastic. Many of the numbers even include the bagpipe. Happy Birthday to Ben.

We drove home after that and had an early morning the next morning, but it was all worth it.

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Jenny said...

Ben told me about this. It sounds like a lot of fun!