Friday, March 2, 2012

Library in Red

I found a new sewing project that I am in love with. I was inspired by the Make it and Love it blog. She posted a tutorial in early February about how to make children's dresses out of adult's t-shirts. I've made several so far and now I only think of how I can make more. She made a valentine's dress out of a gray t-shirt and then she added the ruffled, colored heart. It was so cute I was dying to try it out. Here is my first attempt. I went to the Salvation Army and bought a red t-shirt and a pink t-shirt for $4 total. I already had a white one at home. I tried to follow the online instructions but had some issues cutting correctly and getting the neck to be wide enough, but it turned out okay. I love the ruffled heart. You can find the instructions by clicking on the link above.

We wore lots of red in February, both in support of Valentine's day and of those who have heart defects or heart diseases.

She loves to read me stories on this table. She is to the point where she will look at the pictures and tell me what she thinks the story is about.

The only way I could get he to smile for these pictures was to tease her. I had to tell her to say "I don't like this dress" to get her to smile. She thought it was so funny, because it wasn't true. She smiled every time.

Now we're on to puzzles. If you look close you can see her scar on her forehead in this one.

The rotunda is one of her favorite parts of the library. She has always enjoyed running around this circle. I usually let her run around for a few minutes before we leave. One of these days I should take a picture of the gorgeous glass sculpture that is hanging above it.

I couldn't get her to open her eyes for any pictures outdoors. I also couldn't keep her from digging around in the dirt with her fingers.

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