Saturday, March 3, 2012

Make Believe

2/2012 We play a lot of pretend around here. Bee is pretty demanding/controlling as she stells us who we are and what we get to do. Some of her favorite characters are: Rapunzel, Mother Gothel, Tootless (chimuelo), Flynn Ryder, Hiccup, and the Super Readers.
One morning she was at the top of the stairs and pretended to let her hair down so that I could climb up to her tower. I got the idea to make her long hair. We found some brownish yarn in the basement and started working. I had her hold the skein while I cut of multiple lengths of the yarn. Then I secured one end with a hair elastic. She patiently held that end while I braided. There was so much yarn that it was time intensive at the beginning. The braiding alone probably took fifteen minutes, however, the result was priceless. She was so happy. She wore the braid all day, even to the library with her dad. She was so happy to play Rapunzel and have me 'climb' up her long hair. It doesn't look long on the stairs, but she was satisfied.

2.12.12 One of her favorite TV shows is the Super Why. I have worked hard to have it supplant some of the other shows she liked. She loves to talk about the Super Readers. She'll come up to me and say "I have a problem. Mommy tell me to state my problem." State your problem. Then she'll shay "My problem is…" and go on to tell me that she wants to watch tv or something. Once her problem was a question. She asked me if I liked to eat cheese balls (i.e. clumps of powdered parmesan cheese). We discussed possible solutions and decided to have me try them to see if I liked them. I did. That resolved our problem.
Other times she goes on to resolve her concern by herself and sometimes she just wants to tell me to do what she wants me to do. It’s fascinating to see her going through these thought processes and trying to associate her feelings with problems and then looking (sometimes even in a book, as is suggested by this cartoon show) for a solution. Sometimes this even makes less work for me.


joyous said...

Her Rapunzel braid is too cute!!!! How fun for her. I do love this age when it all is so REAL to them. :)

Kimbooly said...

Btw, I love your new family pic up above. Very good pic of you. : )

love you!

Kimbooly said...

You don't have her "re-write" the story, though, right? That's my only irritating with super-why. I love the teaching-to-read part of it. But I'd rather they focus on solving problems instead of "re-writing" them.

Such a cute braid. You are such a creative mom!