Tuesday, March 6, 2012

MOPS Mother's Night Out

I recently hosted ladies night out at my house with my friends from my mothers groups (MOPS). We had a spa night and it was truly relaxing. I found a nice spa station on pandora, we had great food (including delicious sugar cookies), and Lindsey spoiled us with lots of masks, rubs, scrubs, hot packs, etc. She is a consultant for Beauti Control and showed us lots of nice products. She even made us sit quietly for about five minutes just enjoying the music and the relaxation. How often do moms get a chance to do that? It was so nice.


I definitely need to soak my feet more often.
Hopefully they forgive me for posting pictures on here. :)


Tawnya said...

What a great idea!! Love it! Sounds so relaxing.

Kimbooly said...

So amazing. What can I say?

Hey, where's the yellow room? Did you paint your dining room yellow?

Kimbooly said...

Aaah. It's the room with the Christmas tree. Got it.