Saturday, March 31, 2012

Play Groups

We spend a lot of our time in play groups with all of our wonderful friends. It has gotten to the point that Bee wakes up every morning and asks me where we are going and who we are going to see. We do not have play groups every day, but some days it seems like we do.
I still attend a weekly playgroup with some of the other Centre wives. Some of us get together on Wednesdays to let the  children play. We met at Milca's house and everybody had fun watching the horses and donkeys run around in the field. The horses were somewhat agitated because Milca's MIL had just gone out for a horse ride and some of the horses got left behind. They were jealous.

Another day we went to M's house to play. They had lots of fun jumping on the trampoline, coloring with chalk, drinking apple juice, and just playing pretend with each other. Bee's favorite toy was a motorized bike. She was fascinated and drove it forward and backward over and over. She also was hesitant to color on the driveway. She kept asking permission to be in the 'street.' 

Thanks to Christy for inviting us over and a happy birthday to M. who is now also three years old. They grow up quickly.

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