Sunday, March 25, 2012


We recently had a playgroup with Christy and her daughter M. The girls played well together while Christy and I tried to come up with a craft for the girls to do. She brought these white polo shirts with her.They were much to large for our girls. Her idea was to let the girls paint on them to make personalized keepsakes. We came up with several different ideas on how we could decorate them. M wanted Hello Kitty and Bee wanted dragons. Oh, and they are supposed to match. I told her that I could turn them into dresses so that they would fit the girls better. She left the shirts with me and we planned to get together sometime to paint them.
I was excited to see if I could make it work. It was a surprisingly simple project and did not take me very long at all to turn this t-shirt into a cute little dress. They turned out so cute that neither of use want to paint them. I think we are just going to accessorize them with cute belts.

I made the dresses while these two were playing. Bee is finally getting to the age where having a friend over is less work for me instead of more. I was able to watch them and easily work on my sewing project.
I downloaded instagram and am trying to figure out how to use it.

I love how this photo shows off their different personalities. C. is busy eating his lunch and does not think much about where his legs are. Bee is sitting on the chair backward and has her legs wound around each other.


Tawnya said...

way to go with the dress! What a cute idea, I wanna do that!

Kimbooly said...

SOOOO cute.

Jenny said...

Impressive! What cute little dresses! And a cute little girl to wear one.