Friday, March 30, 2012

Rainy Day

Sometimes weather predictions are accurate and other times they're downright unfair. This day it was predicted to be rainy and stormy intermittently throughout the day. We had a beautiful morning with blue sky and no rain. I had waited to go for a quick jog outside in the hopes that the bad weather would pass. Finally I decided that maybe the bad weather would never arrive. I decided to chance it and jogged to our local park. Then I let Bee out of the stroller and she played for a while. When the black clouds were sufficiently menacing, I packed up and headed home hoping to avoid the storm that was finally coming. Two minutes later it started pouring. The heavens opened and all the rain that had not fallen all day came down right then. I do not have a rain cover for my jogging stroller and Bee was hiding her face into her jacket. We both ended up very wet. When we were a block from our home, the black clouds disappeared and revealed a beautiful blue sky. We walked the last minute in perfect weather. Perfect timing. I decided to let her jump in our 'puddle' since she was already wet. She was thrilled. My favorite part was when she starting making hand prints on the wall. She would dip her hands in the water and then make prints. She ended up with a long line of prints that were all her height.


Kimbooly said...

love the second-to-last pic, but then I really love how you cropped it and made it sepia tone. What program did you use to sepia-tone your image? Photoshop lets me make things black-and-white, but not sepia.

Katie said...

I took it on my ipod with Instagram and then chose this filter.