Saturday, March 10, 2012

Trip to Lousville with Family

I was so excited when my cousin Shelly emailed a few weeks back to let us know that they would be coming our way over President's day weekend. She had the great idea of spending a day in Louisville and graciously offered to  help with Bee so that we could attend the temple.

We got up early that Saturday and headed to Louisville, arriving at their hotel with little time to get to the temple. The men stayed and entertained the children while Shelly and I rushed off to the temple. We arrived in time and had a wonderful time at the temple. The dads had to entertain the kids until the hotel pool opened and then they successfully kept everybody safe in the pool. I heard that it was quite the experience, especially for Jeff. They also managed to get all the kids dressed, packed, and out of the hotel. They met us at the temple and we watched the children in the lobby while they worked on some ordinance work for Benjamin's family names.

After the temple we headed to downtown Louisville and managed to find a coffee shop/diner to eat at for lunch. We were all hungry by this time and the food (for the adults) did not disappoint. The kids were kept occupied with crayons and a small coloring book.

Then it was on to the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory. I have always wanted to tour this factory and was excited to go.
Nicole, Brooklyn, Emma, Bradford, Abigail, Katie, & Benjamin.

We let the children play in the kid's area, then watched the film about bats and bat creation, followed by a quick view of the museum, and a tour of the factory. We watched bats made by hand as they used to be (they used to take at least 30 minutes to make a single bat) and we saw them precisely chiseled by a high-powered machine (only took thirty seconds per bat). There was sawdust everywhere and the sound was deafening. We saw lots of different colors and sizes of bats. Apparently this is a good time of year to visit because they were busy preparing bats for spring training. As we exited the tour, we were each handed a small souvenir bat. So fun, but also so dangerous in the hands of three three-year-olds. Then we headed back to the museum. We all had fun posing with the wax baseball players. Except for Bee, she doesn't do anything on cue.

This amazing glove was located in the kid's play area. It was carved out of stone! The details are amazing and the weight was in the ridiculous thousands of pounds.

Bee enjoyed hitting the baseball off of the tee in the batting cages. I am tempted to get her a tee to practice with here at home.
We had so much fun in Louisville and managed to all get home safely. We had a fun evening afterwards. We ate a yummy dinner prepared by Ben, talked and talked, watched the kids play, ate chocolate chip cookies, and enjoyed ourselves. I wanted to stay up later but our early morning had worn us out and we could not keep our eyes open.

Shelly also blogged about the trip, you can read about it here.

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