Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Corn Starch Painting

A year or two ago I read on a blog where someone had made finger paints out of corn starch. I rushed out and bought some corn starch and it has been sitting on my shelf ever since. I finally pulled it out, dug up a recipe, and let Bee help me make it. I think it was equal parts water and corn starch with a drop of dish soap in each bowl. She struggled to stir up the corn starch/water mixture, but she was thrilled to push the gel food coloring out of its tube into the bowl. She was even fairly careful as she stirred each color. We then took the bowls outside and I let her have fun. This was a great activity for her to feel textures and to test out different ways to paint. She used brushes, spoons, her hands, and even her feet.

I was able to work on some projects in the house while she happily entertained herself with the paints.

My timing wasn't great and I ended up having cut the painting short to bathe her quickly so that we could run to another activity. The paintings were there for several days until the rain washed them away. Her body and her clothes were also easily washed. She proudly showed her masterpieces to her father when he returned home.

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